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16-60kW SmartCool™ ideal for computer rooms

16-60kW SmartCool™ ideal for computer rooms

Date: 10th December 2012  |   Posted by: Airedale Team  |   Posted in: Press release

Airedale Air Conditioning, Leeds, UK, December 10, 2012

New 16-60kW SmartCool range is ideal for small computer rooms and has a leading 6% more capacity per m² than traditional PAC units

Airedale International Air Conditioning has extended its SmartCool™ range to 16kW – 200kW SmartCool™ with the addition of twenty-seven models offering cooling from 16 – 60kW, enabling the SmartCool™ to meet an even wider range of IT cooling requirements, from small computer rooms to large data centres.

Precision Air Conditioning - Increased Air Volumes

The new SmartCool™ 16-60kW Precision Air Conditioning range reduces total capital expenditure by delivering increased air volume (m³/s) over leading competitors, providing 6% more capacity per m2. The new range also offers up to 17% more cooling kw/m2 compared with Airedale’s previous generation precision air conditioning systems.

Energy Efficiency

Meeting Class A efficiency guidelines, the SmartCool™ utilises the very latest components such as EC fans and controls technology ensuring that operational costs are kept to a minimum.

The entire DX range comes with tandem/dual compressors and electronic expansion valves as standard contributing to the improved efficiency. This is increased further by utilising the latest EC plug fan technology across the entire range to optimise performance under all conditions and reduce total lifecycle costs.

Air Conditioning Controls

Enhanced by smart air conditioning controls logic, optional dual cool and dual power supply, the SmartCool™ is designed to meet the n+1 and 2n redundancy requirements of IT applications.

Modular design and control logic allow easy, future-proof expansion of the system when room load increases. Multiple units of different size and capacity can be looped together, with the potential for additional savings in energy costs when linked with an Airedale free-cooling chiller. The latter typically saves more than 50% of the energy consumed by a conventional chiller and provides free-cooling for up to 95% of the year (London, UK).

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