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ACIS™ Building Management System debuts in South Africa

ACIS™ Building Management System debuts in South Africa

Date: 25th February 2016  |   Posted by: Airedale Team  |   Posted in: Press release

Airedale Air Conditioning, South Africa, UK, February 25, 2015

ACIS™ Building Management System debuts in South Africa

Airedale’s ACIS™ Building Management System (BMS) Development Team recently travel to South Africa to work with partners AIAC to install the first ACIS™ system in the country for a high profile banking client.

As part of this project AIAC replaced twenty-six AlphaCool™ Plus units with new customised SmartCool™ units for the expansion of the customer’s data centres.

Having previously received a demonstration of ACIS™, the banking group was keen to install the system to manage elements of their data centre. They also liked the fact that ACIS™ could be fully integrated into their own existing BMS.

As part of the project, Airedale and AIAC installed more than sixty sensors to the aisles within the data centre to monitor and control the differential pressure of the hot and cold aisles. Although the client already had its own monitoring process in place, the system was an oversight system designed purely for monitoring the data centre floor with no control elements to it.

ACIS™ provides a much broader perspective, enabling the banking group to control the entire data centre as a single entity.

ACIS™ not only gathers information from each SmartCool™, but also has its own temperature and pressure sensors in the contained aisle and under the floor enabling the system to control the data centre using the maximum information available. This close monitoring system enables easy compliance with service level agreements set by the client’s own customers, allowing them to stay within a set window of pressure to ensure system uptime.

The banking group has already started to enjoy the benefits of ACIS™ with increased energy savings and reduced operational costs.

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