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Airedale launches AireTile™ floor fan solution to target data centre hotspots

Airedale launches AireTile™ floor fan solution to target data centre hotspots

Date: 12th November 2014  |   Posted by: Airedale Team  |   Posted in: Press release

Airedale Air Conditioning, Leeds, UK, November 12, 2014

Data centre and comfort cooling specialist Airedale International has introduced a simple air flow management system to target data centre hotspots and improve the efficiency of aisle containment systems.

Available in four highly configurable models to suit all data centre and load requirements, the AireTile™ fan floor tile is easily installed within the floor void directly in front of the server rack. This makes it an ideal new or retrofit solution which provides additional conditioned air to high density servers and problem areas within the data centre which can be used in isolation or in conjunction with Airedale’s InRak™ or OnRak™ cooling solutions with hot or cold aisle containment.

The AireTile™ incorporates the latest EC fan technology which offers very precise variable speed control matched to load and also provides lower air flow resistance, reducing fan power input, energy consumption and noise. EC fans are up to 70% more efficient than equivalent AC fans at part-load.  

Available in both low and high air flow fan options, the low air flow fan configuration provides a highly cost-effective cooling solution for medium to high density applications which have an air flow requirement of less than 0.74m³/s; with an air flow capacity of up to 1.2m³/s, the high air flow fan option easily provides sufficient air flow to cool servers with a heat load up to 30 kW. 

The AireTile™ can be programmed to automatically switch on only when additional cooling is necessary, reducing unnecessary power consumption. Up to 64 units can be networked and managed by a master unit with several networked slave units.

The AireTile™ is supplied with a choice of heavy or extra heavy duty floor grilles suitable for use with a range of raised access floors.

For more information please visit the AireTile™ product page.

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