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Integrated, Efficient Data Centre Cooling Solutions at DCW, Stand M30

Integrated, Efficient Data Centre Cooling Solutions at DCW, Stand M30

Date: 17th March 2016  |   Posted by: Airedale Team  |   Posted in: Press release

Airedale Air Conditioning, Leeds, UK, March 17, 2016

Airedale International, returns to this year’s Data Centre World

British cooling systems manufacturer, Airedale International, returns to this year’s Data Centre World (ExCel London 12 &13 April 2016) with more energy efficient innovations in cooling.

The British manufacturer will be showcasing a number of new solutions including:


The Ecotel™ Free Cool (5-15kW) – pre-released

Visitors will get a preview of the new Ecotel™ Free Cool which is a compact self-contained, outdoor cabin cooler which has been specifically developed to cool outdoor cabins, shelters, computer rooms, re-locatable equipment buildings and telecom base stations.

Designed for where floor space is limited or unavailable, the Ecotel™ Free Cool is quick and easy to install, utilising a secure and tamper proof mounting bracket system and is easy to service with front component access. An emergency 48V DC fresh air free cooling option is also available.


New modular hot aisle containment solution featuring direct-to-chip and rack-based cooling

We will be showing a new modular hot aisle containment solution featuring our leading rack-based InRak™ IT cooling unit, along with a revolutionary new direct-to-chip two-phase cooling system.

Direct-to-chip cooling reduces monthly cooling costs by up to 75 percent, is easily scalable and circulates an engineered fluid that unlike water, poses no risk to computer hardware. 

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The SmartCool™ i-drive (5-83kW)

On the stand will also feature the SmartCool™ i-drive, an inverter compressor precision air conditioning unit, designed for use in high density applications using elevated return air temperatures, and incorporates inverter compressors to enable exact control, superior efficiency and performance.

Delivering precise supply air temperatures up to 26°C, under variable heat loads and wide outside ambient conditions of between -20°C and +50°C, the SmartCool™ i-drive provides up to 83kW of downflow cooling.

All units are single circuit DX air-cooled with various configurations of inverter driven and fixed speed compressors delivering excellent part load efficiencies and constant pressure control. A unique feature, an optional segregated evaporator coil, allows a high level of control over dehumidification and cooling capacity when operating under constant pressure control, helping to manage air distribution and prevent hot spots.

The SmartCool™ i-drive system also benefits from longer pipe runs for increased flexibility, allowing outdoor condensers to be situated up to 100 metres from any internal unit and its slab coil configuration and use of optimised EC fans ensure low fan power input and reduced airside pressure drop.


ACIS™ Building Management System controls software

Airedale controls experts will also be on hand to demonstrate the ACIS™ Building Management System controls software. ACIS™ provides an ideal tool to manage cooling and other building services, from any manufacturer, in a single, integrated system across multiple sites and communication protocols, providing 24/7 remote monitoring, optimising system operation and improving decision-making. A fully integrated Building Energy Management System module will provide more advanced energy management capabilities such as calculating live CO2 emissions and Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE).


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