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New Airedale air handling unit shortlisted in DCS Awards

New Airedale air handling unit shortlisted in DCS Awards

Date: 24th April 2015  |   Posted by: Airedale Team  |   Posted in: Press release

Airedale Air Conditioning, Leeds, UK, April 24, 2015

Leeds-based cooling specialist Airedale International is nominated for two more trophies in this year’s DCS (Data Centre Solutions) Awards which will be announced in London on 14 May 2015.

Shortlisted in the ‘Datacentre Power & Cooling Product of the Year’ and ‘Datacentre Energy Efficiency Product of the Year’ categories, the AireFlow™ indirect adiabatic air handling unit (100-440kW) has an achievable PUE below 1.1.

Developed to provide an ultra-high efficiency solution that addresses the challenges of air handling unit (AHU) cooling, the AireFlow™ is capable of delivering 100% free-cooling under ASHRAE conditions[1] with 32% reduction in air volume, saving fan power input. High efficiency EC (electronically commutated) fans deliver airflow across the adiabatic system and heat exchangers and are up to 70% more efficient at part-load than AC fans. Because the ambient air path is modulating, power input can be significantly reduced due to the large portion of the year spent at low fan speeds. 

The aluminium air-to-air heat exchanger significantly increases thermal conductivity over plastic or composites and allows heat transfer to occur without any mixing of indoor and outdoor air, preventing ingress of contaminants and eliminating the need for 100% mechanical or direct expansion (DX) back-up cooling.

Optional DX or Chilled Water (CW) cooling provides top-up concurrent cooling in locations and/or conditions where free-cooling cannot be achieved, in addition to redundancy. DX may be required under higher ambient temperatures where the suppressed ambient temperature is unable to deliver full adiabatic free-cooling or where a low supply air set point (for example 22°C) is required. The DX system also removes the need for separate water storage, saving footprint.

The optional integral fresh air inlet (patent pending) maintains data centre air pressure and air quality, removing the need for a separate AHU. 

In addition to significant savings in annualised running costs, further benefits include reduced water consumption, ease of installation and operation, and minimal footprint.

Airedale Managing Director, Clive Parkman said: “We enjoyed an incredible string of awards and commendations last year and look forward to celebrating on the night with the data centre industry’s best. We are committed to developing technologies that set the benchmark in terms of efficiency and resilience and which provide the best value solutions for data centre owners.

“We are particularly proud of the AireFlow™ as it is the output of the combined expertise of Airedale engineers and bespoke AHU manufacturer Barkell who joined the Airedale group of companies in 2014.”

[1] London UK - 26°C supply/35°C return

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