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Pushing the boundaries of scroll compressor chiller technology

Pushing the boundaries of scroll compressor chiller technology

Date: 24th July 2012  |   Posted by: Airedale Team  |   Posted in: Blog

Airedale Air Conditioning, Leeds, UK, July 24, 2012

Airedale has pushed the boundaries in the application of scroll compressors to chiller technology and responded to market demand for a compact, efficient high capacity scroll chiller, with the new 110-960kW air cooled DeltaChill™ Chiller and 140-1030kW DeltaChill™ Free Cooling Chiller.

The R410A configured chillers offer exceptional application flexibility, enhanced by a combined 282 models; two sound variants and three efficiency levels. Customers, for example, for whom efficiency is paramount, can opt for the highest efficiency level; whilst in applications where space is limited, a more compact chiller can be selected with a standard efficiency level.

Micro-Channel Coils

To accommodate the increased capacity and achieve as high an efficiency level as possible, whilst maintaining a compact footprint, Airedale has applied compact micro-channel coils in each range, reducing weight and space claim and contributing significantly to a 25%* more cooling per square metre. The micro-channel coils reduce airside pressure drop and refrigerant charge and improve maintenance access.

In the high capacity DeltaChill™ Free Cooling Chiller, where the micro-channel coil is matched with the free-cooling coil, the larger heat exchanger in the highest efficiency models allows up to 75% of nominal capacity in free-cooling. The FreeCool chiller has a high water temperature capability of up to 17° supply water temperature, raising the free-cooling threshold of all FreeCool models including the more compact variants and facilitating free-cooling for over 95% of the year.

Also enhancing space claim is the modular V-frame coil-fan arrangement which increases coil surface area for a given footprint. In determining the optimum fan and coil size, CFD analysis was used to optimise the angle of the coil within the available space to provide the best distribution and total airflow throughout the V-block. A choice of two or three refrigeration circuits offer up to 9 stages of cooling, enabling capacity to precisely match the application for reduced operating costs.

Further options increasing efficiency and reducing operating costs include variable speed EC fans, inverter controlled pumps and active power factor correction.


When fitted as a combined option, leak detection and refrigerant pump-down are eligible for one BREEAM point. Virtually the entire DeltaChill range would contribute to a building achieving an additional 2 points:

  • 1 point: Direct Effect Life Cycle (DELC) CO2 equivalent emissions of ≤1000 kgCO2e/kW cooling capacity
  • 1 point: Leak detection plus automatic shutdown and pump down of refrigerant

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*comparison of compact model in the new range compared with Airedale’s previous generation compact chiller

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