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Chilled Water Systems

Achieving high efficiency targets for your process or data centre via chilled water system monitoring and control packages. Integrated systems allow products to work together as efficiently as possible in order to supply the user with inexpensive, reliable services. Modularity design allows the system to be expanded as business requirements grow.

Why Airedale? 

As the leading UK manufacturer of Precision Air Conditioning and Chillers Airedale is able to utilise this knowledge combined with a wealth of experience in building services controls to deliver solutions that will improve the operation of all applications but with particular experience in data centres, retail and chilled water applications. Improvements can be via better reporting, improved monitoring, system integration or intuitive system operation.

Example scenario's

  • Advanced chiller sequencing integrating Airedale or other manufacturers equipment to exactly match system loads
  • Advanced temperature / humidity control
  • Primary only or traditional primary / secondary pumping
  • Variable speed pumping through chillers
  • Condenser water system management with heat reclaim
  • Energy monitoring and calculation of efficiency ratios and chiller duty for plant performance, diagnostics and optimisation
  • Integration of equipment such as pressurisation units, motorised valves, AHU cooling valves
  • Centralised monitoring with optional remote access that can link up with other systems on the same site or globally