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Why choose an ACIS™ BMS?

One source, complete transparency

Our ACIS™ BMS integrates all of your building’s physical infrastructure, utilities and security into one place, so everything is manageable and transparent. Organise everything from one single tool and generate actionable processes to maximise efficiency.

ACIS™ BMS helps to collaborate, report and manage throughout one or multiple-sites, providing you with complete visibility from building to server. ACIS™ software is able to swiftly and simply align diverse building services into one intuitive interface to benefit your bottom line, regardless of manufacturer or operating protocol.

ACIS™ BMS software delivers a one-touch solution to all your building service needs and is designed for user experience and simplicity.

Robust, resilience

An ACIS™ BMS system allows you to optimise availability with full visibility across your facilities physical infrastructure. By providing a ‘complete view’ from building level down to server level, we can balance resilience and efficiency. Our systems allow you to adapt in real-time to your business requirements without risking availability or system efficiency. This end-to-end view of the whole system protects facility uptime and delivers real operational efficiency.

Our ACIS™ BMS allows you to monitor and protect system uptime, meaning you can analyse the effects of decisions on operational performance. For further peace-of-mind, we offer a range of managed services to optimise building performance and guarantee uptime.

Maximised efficiency

Our ACIS™ BMS gives facility operators the ability to run efficient building and multi-site operations, allowing users to identify energy waste and eliminate it. Facility managers can closely monitor and efficiently utilise service and power infrastructure in real-time, resulting in better asset management and overall site performance.

Users can visualise change and capacity scenarios, as ACIS™ software provides configurable dashboards to enable power monitoring, environmental monitoring and energy management. Features such as bespoke reports, health maps, power and cooling analytics offer a visual map of your facility’s infrastructure and alert you to potential inefficiencies. These diagnostics help identify areas of operational inefficiency and can aid the management and provision of infrastructure such as IT equipment, power, data connectivity, security, CCTV and building services.

Integration, flexibility and control

Modbus, Trend, or BACnet integration

ACIS™ BMS software uses a host of open system technologies which enable us to integrate with a range of manufacturers across all building services and HVAC controls. Whether integrating via Modbus, Trend, or BACnet integration with building services such as CCTV, lighting, security and access systems. We can provide the right, tailored approach to meet your requirements via our highly skilled team of system integrators and software engineers.

we are able to develop bespoke interfaces to deliver you with the system you require, regardless of sector.

We appreciate that technology never stops and with that in mind, we strive to make all our systems ‘future-proof’. Via full backwards compatibility, we can adapt and tailor your ACIS™ requirements as your business requirements develop and grow. All our systems are designed and programmed to be fully adaptable and highly integrated. As an innovative, controls and solutions led provider, we are committed to delivering systems which are at the forefront of integration and deliver the future today.

Security, for total peace-of-mind

Our ACIS™ BMS systems are offered with a range of security features covering physical security, information security, network security and cyber security. We also include a range of advanced integrated security system features in order to monitor, control and supervise systems for site access control. We can provide features for intruder detection and digital video management integration. Systems can be used for onsite or offsite operation/supervision.

Security system features include:

  • Configurable password protection;
  • simple user management;
  • groups and super groups;
  • web-enablement;
  • initiated control;
  • security gates / ‘intelligent’ perimeters;
  • access controls;
  • badging with data card;
  • video surveillance;
  • dynamic system status;
  • online events.

Discover the key features of the ACIS™ BMS

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