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Condensers & Condensing Units

Air cooled | DX | R410A | R407C

Air Cooled Condensers & Dry Coolers12-195kW (R410A) 11-105kW (R407C)

  • Air cooled
  • HFC R410A
  • Micro channel coils
  • EC Fan
  • HFC R407C

Air Cooled Condensers & Dry Coolers CR 12 – 195kW (R410A), C/CS 11 – 105kW DR10 - 100kW

Designed and optimised for R410A in 8 model sizes (CR) with total heat rejection 12-174kW. R407C range includes 10 model sizes (C/CS). Each unit is available in either horizontal or vertical air discharge orientation and have an extremely compact footprint and slimline design. Large surface area coil is ideally positioned to optimise airflow and heat transfer.

Units within the range are exempt from Ecodesign

  • Small footprint, low profile for minimum space claim
  • Floor mounted
  • Horizontal or vertical unit design for flexibility
  • Coil guards
  • Low sound levels
  • Discharge and liquid shut - off valves

  • AC axial fans with optional EC fan technology for more efficiency at part load
  • R410A designed and optimised
  • Modulating head pressure control for increased efficiency
  • Intelligent microprocessor control and ACIS BMS for optimisation and reliability