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Precision Air Conditioning

Free Cool

Ecotel™ FreeCool Fan Box5-32kW

  • Free Cool
  • EC Fan

The Ecotel™ FreeCool Fan Box is a self-contained packaged AC unit available in various model sizes designed to provide up to 90% energy cost savings on cooling in telecoms, internet service providers, trackside signaling cabins, switching and relay stations.

Free cooling is cost-effective controlled ventilation: The Telecom cabin or room is cooled by means of ambient air without any refrigeration.

Operates with overpressure, delivering filtered air into the room, thereby ensuring a clean environment for the radio transmission or switchgear equipment.

Adequate, as sole cooling solution, for cooling cabins or rooms in most climate conditions.

  • No internal space required
  • Can be fitted to metal cabin or brickwork
  • Filtration to G4 standard (EN779:2012)
  • 2 hour fire rated actuated louvres available


  • Free-cooling solution
  • Upflow configuration
  • Energy efficient EC Fans
  • Secure, tamper-proof fixings


  • Dual and Quad fan options available
  • Available for both 240V AC and +/- 48V DC power
  • Optional air discharge points