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Water Cooled | R134a | R1234ze

TurboChill™ Water Cooled150kW - 1472kW

  • Water Cooled
  • Centrifugal Compressor
  • HFC R134A
  • HFO R1234ze

The TurboChill™ Water Cooled is a high capacity, water-cooled, single circuit AC chiller, which offers exceptional ESEER values of up to 9.28.

With 3 module variants, including the R1234ze TG310 range which has been specifically developed for use with the low Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerant R1234ze, the TurboChill™ Water Cooled Air Conditioning Chiller utilises the latest compressor engineering and benefits from revolutionary new compact evaporator and condenser heat exchanger technology.

  • 3 module variants (R134a TT300 & TT350, R1234ze TG310)
  • 368kW – maximum capacity per module
  • Scalable modular design - enables easy augmentation and reduces space claim
  • 1 compact case size – 2000mm (H) x 1000m (W) x 1956mm (L)
  • Extremely silent operation. 2 sound variants; regular quiet (R) and extra quiet (X)

Class A EER up to 5.9, ESEER upto 9.28

  • Centrifugal TurboCor compressors - 30-100% variable speed control for tighter setpoint management and unbeatable efficiencies at part load
  • Compact footprint: Up to 111% more cooling kW/m2 (compared with leading competitor units)
  • Electronic Expansion Valves increase ESEER by 30% and guarantee ideal evaporator operation
  • In-built low current start (2A)
  • Oil-free operation enhances heat exchanger efficiency
  • Ultra-efficient sequencer – integrates up to eight modules into a single, seamless operating system.
  • Compact and efficient heat exchanger technology - 56% reduction in kg of refrigerant compared to a standard flooded evaporator system
  • Acoustically lined compressor enclosures minimising sound emission


  • 3 module variants (R134a TT300 & TT350, R1234ze TG310)
  • Centrifugal compressor technology offers near silent compressor operation
  • Advanced controls technology to manage and optimise performance
  • PGD1 display
  • Compact spray type evaporator with integral subcooler
  • Easy access to components for maintenance and only 1000mm wide
  • Condenser can be isolated, facilitating maintenance
  • 400V/50Hz/3 phase supply
  • Grooved pipework for simpler installation
  • Accessible control panel, even when the unit is operational
  • Single point of isolation for ease of maintenance
  • Leak detection as standard for F Gas compliance


  • Anti-vibration mounts reduce sound levels transmitted to building
  • Economiser circuit for increased capacity and efficiency
  • Suction shut off valve allowing each compressor to be individually isolated
  • Optimised leak detection
  • Flow switch for flow rate detection
  • Interface cards
  • Power monitoring to manage energy consumption
  • 7” PGD touch screen display