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CFD Analysis Consultancy

The expert analysis we provide is available in three comprehensive packages; silver, gold and platinum:

General report

A soft copy (PDF) report will be produced based on the CFD findings. This report will incorporate the below:

  • Observations - general observation within the room in terms of temperature, velocity and pressure to highlight any potential hot spots or issues (SILVER)

  • Specific recommendations - based around solving any issues found, and can be the result of additional analyses undertaken at varying conditions (GOLD)

  • Structural optimisation - this covers includes any recommendations regarding position of cooling units, floor grilles, heat loads etc (GOLD)

  • Cooling system and controls optimisation - our knowledge of cooling systems and their controls allows us to present recommendations for improving a facility via cooling type, method or control (PLATINUM)

  • Failure Scenario - provides information regarding the facility and how it will operate in extreme scenarios such as loss of power or system failure (PLATINUM)
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Airedale Consultancy Plans

Site survey - before and after comparison

For Platinum analysis only, we will conduct a site survey which includes measurement of temperature and air flow on site, before and after implementing the recommended changes to the facility. This comparison includes thermal images and site acquired data.

6SigmaViewer and Model

For all levels of analysis we will provide online access to 6SigmaViewer to view your 'Virtual Facility'. You will have full functionality to view results and interrogate infrastructure.

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