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CFD Analysis Packages

The expert analysis we provide is available in three comprehensive packages; silver, gold and platinum:

Output matrix

General report

A hard copy and a soft copy (PDF) report will be produced based on the CFD findings.


Included in the report will be a general observation within the room in terms of temperature, velocity and pressure. Including a review on temperature distribution, hotspots, poor/good air flow, high/low pressure inside any raised floors depending on the room layout. Please note: we will not provide any further recommendation to resolve any issue or improve the facility.

Specific recommendation

For Gold and Platinum analysis we will provide a specific recommendation. This will be based on your request to solve a certain issue. For example, you have identified the need to remove a hotspot; we will identify the exact location of the hotspot, its cause and provide a recommendation to resolve the issue.

Recommendation for structural optimisation

For Gold and Platinum packages we will provide a recommendation on structural layout of the room. For example, improvement can be achieved by changing one or more of the following features:

  • The grill layout
  • The type of grill
  • Position of the cooling units
  • Instead of open aisle construction using cold or hot aisle construction; filling the leakages into the room etc.

Recommendation on cooling product and controls optimisation

For Platinum analysis only, we will provide a recommendation on the type of cooling units. For example, improvement can be achieved by changing one or more of the following cooling systems:

  • Instead of Precision Air Conditioning unit, a more advanced variant such as the InRak™ or OnRak™ (May change dependent on room layout)
  • Optimised run and standby configuration controls features. For example, all units share the heat load instead of individual control or supply temperature control instead of return air temperature.

One-to-one, systems component failure and re-start scenario

For Platinum analysis only, we will review the temperature and air flow distribution within the room if a fan on the cooling unit fails or a chiller fails.

Site survey before and after comparison including thermal images and site acquired data

For Platinum analysis only, we will conduct a site survey which includes measurement of temperature and air flow on site, before and after implementing the recommended changes to the facility.

6SigmaViewer and Model

For all levels of analysis we will provide online access to 6SigmaViewer to view your ‘Virtual Facility’. You will have full functionality to view results and interrogate infrastructure.

For a full written quotation or to discuss your CFD requirements in more detail, please contact our CFD experts by completing the enquiry form.



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