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DeltaChill™ R32

The DeltaChill R32 is an extremely energy efficient chiller. It combines quiet, cost effective scroll compressors and the latest fan technology applied in a modular V-frame coil design, with microchannel heat exchangers that lift efficiency even higher, whilst still minimising space claim.

With 202 models, it offers exceptional flexibility, allowing unit selection to be optimised for efficiency or footprint. The free-cool functionality offers significantly reduced running costs and carbon footprint. During mechanical cooling, the DeltaChill has excellent part load efficiencies, ensuring no power is wasted.


  • ESEER up to 5.27
  • Up to 38% more cooling k W/m² than previous generation compact free cooling chiller
  • Free cooling models spend up to 95% of the year in free cooling
  • Microchannel coils reduce life cysle costs and reduce footprint


  • Dual or triple independent refrigeration circuits allowing 2-9 stages of cooling
  • Modula ‘V’-frame coil fan arrangement for improved part load performance and control
  • Easy access to components

Operational Costs

  • Free cooling at up to 109% of nominal capacity for reduced operating costs and carbon footprint
  • Virtually entire range contributes to a building achieving an additional 2 BREEAM points

Quality / Reliability

  • Single and standby pumps for resilience
  • Large surface area, corrosion-resistant condenser coils for enhanced heat exchange


  • 110 – 1100kW (DCC & DCF)
  • 106 models (DCC) and 96 models (DCF)
  • Optimised for R32 which only requires a minimum refrigerant charge and has a high heat transfer coefficient
  • Low sound ranges: Quiet (R) and Extra Quiet (X)
  • Sequenced scroll compressors minimise sound and allow capacity to more precisely match the application
  • Electronic Expansion Valves increase ESEER by 30%
  • Optional head pressure set point management achieving optimum EER
  • Leak detection as standard
  • EC Fans as standard
  • Microchannel heat exchangers
  • High water temperature capability, up to 20 degrees C supply


    • Variable supply water temperature control to save power and raise the free cooling threshold
    • Compressor enclosure minimising sound
    • Low ambient kit for use in ambient temperatures as low as -30°C (model dependent)
    • Integrated hydraulic options

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