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Azure R32

Ultima™ R32

The Ultima R32 is a high efficiency, compact, air-cooled single/dual circuit chiller. Optimised for R32 refrigerant and now operational with an increased supply water temperature of up to 18°C, the Ultima R32 has been engineered to increase efficiency and deliver improved performance.

Developed with low sound levels as a key factor in its design, the  Ultima R32 is perfectly suited to a variety of environments including data centres, retail, manufacturing and leisure. It is available with an extensive range of hydronic options seamlessly designed within the unit to reduce installation time, foot print and operating costs

Energy Efficiency

  • Electronic expansion valves offer an energy saving whenever the outdoor ambient is below design*
  • Modulating head pressure control on all models ensures energy efficient operation of the condenser fans whilst protecting the system during low ambient operation
  • Dual independent refrigeration circuits
  • Condenser fan discharge plenum reduces noise
  • High efficiency, dual circuit brazed plate evaporator
  • Unique design enhanced condenser coils ensure an even air distribution
  • Multiple scroll compressors provide staged capacity control enabling system water volumes to be reduced and part load efficiencies to be optimised
  • Designed and optimised for operation with R32 refrigerant


  • EER up to 3.07
  • ESEER up to 4.29
  • Latest scroll compressor technology
  • Compact design
  • Optimised for use with R32
  • Low sound levels - Acoustic certainty
  • Full Hydraulic Pump Options


  • 44 models
  • Quiet and Extra Quiet variants
  • Single and dual circuit models
  • Modulating head pressure control
  • Next generation scroll compressors
  • Optimised head pressure control
  • Leak detection as standard
  • Electronic expansion valves for up to 30% increase in system efficiency as standard
  • EC fans as standard


  • AC Fans
  • Sequence controller
  • Epoxy coated RTPF condenser coils
  • Condenser coil guards
  • Anti-vibration mounts (pad or spring type)
  • Integrated water flow switch*
  • Dual pressure relief valve
  • Flushing bypass filter valves and pipework (standard or regulating)
  • Internal pumps (single, twin head or run and standby) and filter
  • Extended condenser fan discharge plenum
  • Evaporator differential pressure switch

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