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Comfort Cooling

Air cooled | Free Cool | DX

StoreMaster™50kW - 77kW

  • Air cooled
  • HFC R410A
  • Scroll Compressor
  • Free Cool
  • EC Fan
  • Heat Pump

Range of fully-packed / split system air conditioning units offers the flexibility of cooling or heating, with the addition of a highly efficient reverse cycle, dual circuit heat pump option. Designed for comfort cooling of superstore warehouses, department stores and other large retail outlets, the StoreMaster™ significantly reduces life cycle costs. Enhanced energy-efficient technology includes EC supply air fans; electronic expansion valves; R410A optimisation and 0-100% free-cooling.

High technology, modulating controls

StoreMaster™ utilises Airedale’s most advanced microprocessor software control scheme. The intelligent, modulating AireTronix microprocessor manages and self-optimises the system’s cooling / free cooling / heat pump cycles, all of which can be optimised via a user friendly, inbuilt display. The network-capable, fully-programmable controller can be integrated with a wide range of BMS protocols including Airedale BMS software; pCOWeb supervisory plug-in cards and other commonly-used protocols.

Compact and easy to install

The top unit return and supply air duct connections make the StoreMaster™ a compact and easy ‘plug and play’ system to install. Removable access panels and simple filter replacement enables easy access for both service and maintenance on all major components.

  • High sensible cooling capacity
  • Hydrophilic coils - all models
  • Small footprint and designed to support heavy ductwork
  • EER 7.5* at 20ºC (up to 27.1* at 10ºC)
  • 0 – 100% free-cooling
  • EC supply air fan
  • Reverse cycle, dual circuit heat pump option
  • Electronic expansion valves
  • Designed and optimised for R410A
  • Modulating AireTronix controls with remote access
  • Pre-charged (packaged unit) and leak tested


  • ETL listed: Energy Technology List (models featuring an inverter-driven condenser fan and return air fan)
  • Cooling and heat pump variants
  • 57 - 75kW heating capacity with reverse cycle (dual circuit heat pump variant only)
  • Packaged or split modules (evaporator / condenser)
  • Tandem scroll compressors on a single circuit for improved efficiency at part load (cooling-only version)


  • Reverse cycle, dual circuit heat pump option offers seasonal cooling or heating capabilities
  • Factory-fitted and speed controllable return air fan eliminates need for a separate customer installed duct fan and improves commissioning set-up
  • Inverter-driven condenser fan and return air fan
  • Constant supply/return air volume control increases filter life and reduces commissioning set up times
  • Enthalpy control sensors prevent high humidity fresh air entering the conditioned space
  • Air quality sensor analyses quality of the air and measures contamination by polluting gases
  • Refrigerant leak detection system allowing leaks to be readily detected in compliance with F-gas regulation
  • Compressor electronic soft start minimises compressor current on start up

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