LogiCool™ FreeCool

LogiCool™ FreeCool

Packaged, outdoor, free cooling chiller designed as an expandable, energy efficient solution for cooling the increasing heat loads of high density servers. It can supply chilled water directly to a rack mounted heat exchanger such as the OnRak™ IT cooling solution or be matched with direct rack cooling solutions from other manufacturers. It can also be linked to Airedale or other manufacturers’ precision air conditioning systems in business critical areas. LogiCool™ FreeCool significantly reduces whole life cycle costs due to its integrated free cooling solution and its digital scroll compressor technology.

Compact, modular design

A low capacity, packaged chiller, LogiCool™ FreeCool is configured for outside installation, so freeing up valuable indoor space. Its compact footprint and modular design allow close, side-by-side positioning to optimise available space. Additional chillers can be added as cooling load increases.

Flexible, multi-rack cooling

LogiCool™ FreeCool offers flexible, multi-rack cooling by an individual unit or by a number of units with run/standby and optional sequencing capability.

The intelligent, integral controller is key to LogiCool™ FreeCool’s superior energy-efficient performance, reliability and infinitesimal variable capacity control.

Units within this range are non-Ecodesign compliant but can be used in process applications that are above >12°C supply water temperature, as these fall outside the Ecodesign parameters. Please refer to your Airedale account manager for full details

Energy Efficiency

  • Integrated, simultaneous free-cooling capability and large surface area free-cooling coil for optimum energy efficiency
  • Digital-scroll compressor technology for precise temperature control, increased efficiency at partial load and reduced system water volumes
  • AireTronix control system for intelligent and optimum system control, N+1 redundancy and full communication with BMS systems
  • Automatic rescheduling of chilled water setpoint for optimal control
  • Large surface area condensing coils maximise energy efficiency
  • High efficiency plate evaporator, with EEV refrigerant controls, gives raised evaporating temperature for enhanced compressor performance
  • Designed and optimised for R410A refrigerant giving greater efficiency and lower refrigerant charge
  • Pre-charged, factory pressure and leak-tested to ensure F-gas compliance and greater efficiency


  • ETL listed: Energy Technology List
  • Variable capacity control for exact capacity match
  • Exceptional part load efficiencies
  • Direct-drive axial fan
  • Efficient plate evaporator with EEV refrigerant controls
  • Large surface area condensing coils maximise energy efficiency
  • Connects to direct rack cooling systems (individual or multi-rack)
  • Expandable, flexible solution as load increases
  • Modular design plus condensing coils and water connections at the rear, allow close side-by-side positioning
  • Reduced minimum system water volumes


  • Cleverly-designed axial fans use latest EC motor technology for ultimate condenser efficiency at full and part load, giving increased performance at reduced power input
  • Intelligent Sequence Control of up to eight chillers
  • Power meter for internal energy monitoring
  • Additional options
  • Optional run and standby water pumps
  • Factory-fitted, sealed system expansion tanks
Chiller Capacity Max EER Max ESEER Refrigerant Compressor Type Circuits
LogiCool Free Cool 20kW or 40kW 2.6 3.0 R410A Scroll compressor Single

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