Ultima™ Remote Air Cooled

Ultima™ Remote Air Cooled

Ultima™ Remote Air Cooled Chillers (URAC) are some of the most advanced chillers produced by Airedale, thanks to our on-going programme of extensive development and technical innovation.

Designed specifically for use in plant room applications
Energy efficient with low sound levels
Cost effectiveness and the environment in mind by design
Compact unit footprint

Units within this range are non-Ecodesign compliant but can be used in process applications that are above >12°C supply water temperature, as these fall outside the Ecodesign parameters. Please refer to your Airedale account manager for full details.

The range has been designed specifically for use in plant room applications with energy efficiency, low sound levels, cost effectiveness and the environment in mind. Heat rejection is achieved through refrigerant by means of a dry cooler or remote condenser.

Low Sound Levels

Airedale International Air Conditioning recognises that noise pollution is a very important issue in today’s populated environments, with many urban areas having already introduced strict noise pollution regulations. The URAC has been developed with low sound levels as a key factor in design.

  • Electronic expansion valves offer significant energy savings
  • Evaporator pad heater provides frost protection and prevents refrigerant migration when compressors are not in operation
  • Dual independent refrigeration circuits
  • High efficiency integrated dual circuit brazed plate evaporator
  • Multiple scroll compressors provide staged capacity control
  • Designed and optimised for R407C refrigerant
  • Liquid and discharge line shut off valves
  • Dedicated compressor enclosure provides good maintenance access while helping to keep noise levels to a minimum (DQ / DSQ models only)
  • 0-10V output for control of expansion valves and fans to provide head pressure control
  • Victaulic connections on evaporator provide low noise, cost savings and a significant reduction in installation & maintenance time



  • 75 – 450kW nominal cooling capacities
  • 45 models
  • Standard, Quiet and Extra Quiet variants
  • Dual independent refrigeration circuits
  • Compact unit footprint
  • High efficiency plate heat exchangers


  • Anti vibration mounts (pad or spring type) for noise sensitive installations
  • Electronic soft start significantly reduces the compressor starting current
  • Leak detection kit (DQ / DSQ models only) provides an indication of any refrigerant leak within the chiller
  • Sequence controller for multiple chiller applications
  • Dual pressure relief valve allows inspection of pressure relief assembly without the requirement to reclaim the system refrigerant
  • Remote set-point adjust
  • Evaporator flow switch (supplied loose) to protect the chiller from damage caused by reduced water flow

  • Matching dry coolers and air cooled condensers are available for each model size

Chiller Capacity Max EER Max ESEER Refrigerant Compressor Type Circuits
Ultima Remote Air Cooled 75 – 450kW 3.8 R407C Scroll compressor Dual

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