The award-winning  Artus™ has been designed to solve the biggest complaints in comfort cooling.

Perfect, even heating and cooling,
Low noise for ultimate comfort
Best-in-class energy efficiencies
Compact and easy to install and maintain

Comfort Cooling, re-imagined

When Roger Olsen of Arup designed Artus, he wanted to solve some of the biggest issues with today’s comfort cooling systems: space claim, poor air distribution and energy inefficiency.

He designed a hybrid system, taking the performance of a traditional fan coil unit and coupling it with the energy efficiency of a chilled beam.

Developed in partnership with Arup and manufactured by Airedale in the UK, Artus™ is an award winning packaged system that provides perfect, quiet, even heating and cooling, with best-in-class energy efficiencies and a compactness that could revolutionise the way we design buildings.


Saves money

Artus™ requires no secondary ductwork or diffusers, delivering acoustic certainty and a specific fan power of 0.08 watts/litres/second, 66% less than comparable ‘best in class’ FCUs.

Saves Space

At 572mm (W) x 572mm (L) x 200mm (D), Artus™ is 43% more compact than conventional FCUs. This provides a smaller, clearer service zone, saving 300mm on the height of each storey.

Saves Time

Artus is a complete packed unit, it has been designed for plug-and-play installation and is self-accessible from below. A facility manager’s dream.


Artus™ is designed to improve working and living environments, enhancing comfort and wellbeing.

It delivers air in a swirl pattern, creating a draught free environment, resulting in excellent thermal coverage in both cooling and heating modes, maximising comfort levels. It also operates at an extremely low noise level, with acoustic certainty due to the lack of ancillary ductwork.

Artus™ and Cassette units are fully Ecodesign compliant

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