InRak™ 300mm

InRak™ 300mm

The InRak™ (300mm) is a precise and high performance in-row cooling solution which offers industry leading cooling efficiency for its capacity.

The most efficient cooling of critical IT equipment
Intelligent precision cooling at the heat source
Reduces energy consumption and optimises performance
Scalable, evolving with your data centre


Units within the range are exempt from Ecodesign when applied in process cooling applications (i.e. data centres). CW units are exempt from Ecodesign, regardless of application. Please refer to your Airedale account manager for full details

Designed to sit between the server racks in a hot aisle containment configuration, the InRak™ (300mm) takes advantage of its position close to the server heat source and the higher return air temperatures that are associated with it, for the most efficient cooling of critical IT equipment.

Row based placement of the InRak™ (300mm) provides intelligent precision cooling at the heat source, ensuring cold air reaches the servers quickly. The airflow takes the shortest, most direct route to reduce energy consumption and optimise performance.


  • 300mm case size – high kW/m2 ratio
  • DC axial fan
  • Compact chilled water heat exchanger
  • 2-way (optional 3-way) chilled water regulating valve
  • Supply air temperature control
  • Dew point control
  • Modulating fan speed on the unit ensures aisle pressure control between hot and cold aisles
  • UltraCap module – compact integrated backup power system
  • Compatibility with most BMS and SNMP networks
  • 50Hz power supply (optional 60Hz available)
  • PGD1 display
  • Three temperature sensors available for external supply or return monitoring


  • Condensate pump – effective condensate cold water disposal
  • Leak detection
  • Air filtration
  • Bypass regulating valve – regulates flow through each cooling module
  • 2-way PIC valve – performs a continual balancing function to maintain system performance at varying loads
  • 3 connection types available: brazed (standard), threaded (option), and flexible hose (option)
  • Dual power supply for redundancy
  • Coloured, audible, iconographic touch screen display
  • Quick connect electrical connection type
  • Return air temperature control
  • Constant air volume control
  • Fan capacity control – modulates air volume based on demand for unit cooling
  • Additional temperature sensors (maximum of 4) for supply or return monitoring


  • Allows for incremental increases in cooling requirements as your data centre evolves
  • Compact, modular design makes it easy for multiple units of different size and capacity to be added as load increases or to eliminate hot spots

Dependable – 24/7 total confidence

  • Maintains availability at row level
  • Deploys in any environment without modification
  • Keeps hot air in the hot aisle, controlling rack inlet temperature exactly
  • Dual power supply (option) – in the event of power failure, power supply is switched instantly to an alternative power supply and cooling continues, supporting redundancy power supply specifications in critical data centre builds
  • Pressure differential management – maintains pressure in the aisle containment system within the server design envelope, whilst still ensuring temperature is controlled


    • Requires no floor or ceiling void and has a small footprint
    • Easy to deploy and maintain. Compact design minimises floor space requirements
    • Includes easy and simple connection points that allow for fast installation from either above or below (to be specified upon order)
    • Compatible with racks from any manufacturer

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