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3 ways to optimise energy consumption in data centres

3 ways to optimise energy consumption in data centres

Date: 10th May 2017  |   Posted by: Airedale Team  |   Posted in: Blog

Airedale's Controls Project Manager Jon Martinez explains three ways data centre managers can optimise energy consumption in data centres.

Chiller water setpoint

The first method is to optimise the setpoints of your operating equipment. For example, you can dynamically optimise the chilled water setpoint.

What we suggest at Airedale is to calculate where we can optimise the chilled water operating setpoint to match what the system requires. This is opposed to fixing it at 7 degrees for example, and then for 90% of the year that can be too cold and for the other remaining 10% of the year it is too warm. Also you are not exactly matching what the system requirements are.

So by monitoring everything and tying it all together, you can optimise that setpoint and save yourself a load of energy, especially if you can raise the setpoint as high as possible and get as much free cooling out of the system as possible. Also if you are operating your system at 17 degrees chilled water setpoint as opposed to the traditional 7-12 degrees operating setpoints, you will achieve more free cooling for a higher percentage of the year.

EC Fan Upgrades

EC fan upgrade

Another option is to retro-fit Electronically Commutated (EC) Fans to your air movement equipment. EC Fans are an quick win for energy saving. You can retrofit an EC fan and instantly save energy just by running the fans at the same speed and airflow. You can then further complement that by incorporating a more intelligent controls strategy that ramps the fans up and down, based on temperature or demand. The curve on the EC fans are an exponential type curve, so the lower down you are with your fan speed, the more energy savings you can make.

Building Management System

Finally another suggestion is to install a Building Management System (BMS), which picks up a lot of information from the data centre. It automates many of the processes, so you are not relying on manual adjustments, it also logs and records much of the end usage data, which allows the user to effectively target areas where energy is being wasted. If you have a spike in energy at 2am in the morning, and you have a monitoring system in place that looks at the variables around it, you could target such areas and take actions to reduce energy consumption accordingly.

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