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A Year In Industry With Airedale

A Year In Industry With Airedale

Date: 18th September 2018  |   Posted by: Airedale Team  |   Posted in: Blog

For the past year we have had an engineering student from Huddersfield University working with us for his year in industry. Read on to find out a little more about his experience:

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Eliott Robinson and I am working towards a 4 year sandwich degree in Mechanical Engineering, studying at Huddersfield University.

Why did you choose to study Engineering?
I enjoy using a logical approach to finding solutions to problems and engineering has many problems to overcome, the vastness of knowledge that applies to engineering as an industry is fascinating and provides me with more interesting things to learn as I progress through my studying and experiences.

Why did you want to work with Airedale?

The unique role of the student placement engineer at Airedale was the best opportunity I had been given as it offered a wide range of projects that I could use to improve my knowledge and skills. After seeing and learning of the value that Airedale holds In the UK industry I was intrigued to work in a company with a strong drive to create competitive products and services, and wanted to be a part of that whilst I learn.

What have you been working on during your year with Airedale?

Cost saving projects: Supplier changes, component changes, redesigning, removing unnecessary parts/components, saving labour time by improving products, hitting the target of 100k for this role which helped towards the department's target.

Internal costing improvements: I helped the finance and manufacturing departments to create an improved method for determining the cost of producing round tube plate fin heat exchangers in-house. This was built into an existing excel sheet which also aids product development in making bills of materials and provides additional information on the physical properties of the heat exchangers, whilst calculating the quantity of materials and production time needed to determine the overall cost.

I created a brazing cost calculator that estimates the quantity of brazing rod used and how long the braze will take to complete. This is used in product development for cost reductions and when designing new pipework.

I was part of a small group from multiple departments to investigate how the company’s internal process for making changes can be improved to reduce the number of amendments made to orders caused by wrong methods of implementation. The group produced a new document which generates the change notification form and ensures that considerations have been made for what has to change for the project to go live.

There have been many projects in which I have reduced our operating and production costs at Airedale as this is the main focus of the job role. Some of the projects were basic supplier changes whereas others were more involved and included a lot of design work. Throughout the year I have also been part of other projects outside of cost savings to increase my exposure to the different aspects of engineering; I have been part of projects for releasing a new product range, and another where I assisted in the design of an additional product to an existing range and re-introducing a product range but using a different refrigerant type. For most of 2018 I have been part of a small group dedicated to improving internal processes focusing on the changes that we make to products and how they are implemented, this was valuable as it relates to many different departments and gave me more exposure to how engineering integrates with the other departments of the company.

What have you most enjoyed this year?

I have most enjoyed having the opportunity to develop my skills and knowledge of engineering and the refrigeration industry without any limitations, everyone here at Airedale has answered all of my questions and allowed me to improve as an engineer and a person, I have also learned a lot of tips for the social side of the industry too of which university cannot provide.

What is your most valued achievement this year?

Being part of so many projects outside of my job role is very valued as it allowed me to apply what I have learnt and support other departments that were in need of input from engineering to overcome the problem.


Hitting the target cost saving for the year and also helping towards one of my departments biggest years for cost saving in total.

What are your plans for the future?

I plan to finish my final year and complete my project to a high standard to provide Airedale with the tools it needs to develop the SmartCool range, then possibly head onto a masters or go into a graduate scheme then buy a dog.

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