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Airedale launches high efficiency cabin cooler solution

Airedale launches high efficiency cabin cooler solution

Date: 20th September 2016  |   Posted by: Airedale Team  |   Posted in: Press release

Airedale Air Conditioning, Leeds, UK, September 20, 2016

Ecotel outdoor cabin cooler

Leading UK manufacturer of precision air conditioning equipment, Airedale International Air Conditioning Ltd, has launched its energy efficient cabin cooling solution, the Ecotel™ (5 – 15kW), for telecom cabins, switchgear and equipment rooms. The development comes in response to intense demand from the telecoms, railway and utility sectors for improved savings on energy and maintenance spend and demonstrable reductions in carbon emissions.

The self-contained units use fresh air free cooling with 100% mechanical backup and boast low operating costs. 

For example, at a room set point of 30˚C (based on maximum summer outside ambient of 35°C, London, UK), with a base load of 3kW and variable load of 2kW, a 5kW unit has annual running costs of just £126.

The new Ecotel™ features a number of components for enhanced performance, efficiency and serviceability which include:

  • Reduced size evaporator coil - 7mm coils result in reduced refrigerant charge and airside pressure drop for improved system performance
  • EC centrifugal fans – for up to 70% more efficiency at part load
  • Electronic expansion valves – which typically provide an EER increase of 30% over a thermostatic expansion valve (TEV), by reducing the need for high head pressure.

The Ecotel™ has also been specifically developed for use with the refrigerant R410A. R410A exhibits high pressure capacity which in turn delivers improved performance and energy efficiency benefits.

Fiona Toseland, Technical Projects Manager at Airedale, said:

“The Ecotel™ is designed to fit within a compact footprint and as it is fixed directly onto an external wall no internal space is required. It is also easy to maintain as there is both front and side component access.

The Ecotel™ contains optimised local controls that significantly reduce energy consumption, and while the units are designed to operate independently, they can also be connected to a master control panel for group operation, monitoring and fault code alarm display. Units operate on direct free cooling from outside air, for the majority of time, minimising energy consumption and carbon footprint."

The Ecotel™ is designed and manufactured in the UK at Airedale’s state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Rawdon, Leeds, and is pre-commissioned at the company’s test centre before on-site installation.

More information about the Ecotel™

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