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Airedale launches low GWP TurboChill™ Spray Evaporator range

Airedale launches low GWP TurboChill™ Spray Evaporator range

Date: 15th October 2018  |   Posted by: Airedale Team  |   Posted in: Press release

To meet the demand for low global warming potential (GWP) air cooled chillers with high efficiency, Airedale International has launched the TurboChill™ Spray Evaporator range which offers Ecodesign Tier 2 (2021) compliance for both comfort and process based applications.

Innovative spray flooded type evaporator technology means that the TurboChill™ Spray Evaporator range reduces refrigerant evaporator charge (kg) by up to 70% and overall unit charge by 50%, whilst maintaining a level of efficiency close to a traditionally flooded system of the same capacity. As high GWP refrigerant prices such as R134a continue to rise the use of low GWP refrigerants such as R513A and R1234ze will fast become commonplace.

All units incorporate the latest Centrifugal TurboCor compressor technology including the low capacity TG230 compressor which operates using R1234ze with a GWP less than 1. These intelligent, self-optimising compressors enable 30 – 100% variable speed control with respect to maximum capacity for tighter setpoint management and unbeatable efficiencies at part load.

Magnetic bearings within the centrifugal compressor levitate the compressor shaft and with no mechanical contact or friction between mating surfaces, the need for lubrication is eliminated with near silent operation.

Adam Yarrington, Product Development Director, commented:
“The new TurboChill™ Spray Evaporator range presents a double-reduction in terms of environmental impact by significantly reducing both the quantity and global warming potential of refrigerant used.  Coupled with its Ecodesign Tier 2 compliance credentials this is a sustainable product with minimised environmental impact.”

The TurboChill™ Spray Evaporator range has been  designed with the future of refrigerants in mind  and Ecodesign Tier 2 targets to ensure high efficiency and low environmental impact.”

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