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Employee Profile - Daniel Snowden ( Senior Software Developer)

Employee Profile -  Daniel Snowden ( Senior Software Developer)

Date: 02nd November 2017  |   Posted by: Airedale Team  |   Posted in: Press release

Airedale Air Conditioning, Leeds, UK, 02/11/2017

We asked Airedale's Leeds-based Senior Software Developer, Daniel Snowden a few questions to learn more about him and his role.

Please introduce yourself.
I’m Daniel Snowden, 33, currently living in Bradford. It’s the area I was born and raised so Yorkshire has always been my home.

What is your role at Airedale, and what excites you about it?
I’m Senior Software Developer at Airedale. My role involves working with various elements of the business to develop solutions that support them in their day to day activities. It’s exciting because I can be working with anyone from the Sales Engineers to the Controls Team. The work is varied, as are the people I get to work with.

Do you have a particular area of specialisation within your chosen field?
My specialisation is in writing software for Windows (rather than mobile or web). Because the technologies that I work with are constantly changing, specialties can change as well as the need to keep skills up to date. It’s definitely a field where I’m always learning.

Why did you choose a career in I.T.?
I’ve always been good with computers and I enjoy solving problems. When I started to learn programming I found that I could do something that I really enjoyed for a living.

What did you study at university/ college and how has your previous experience lead you to your current role?
I first studied for a BTEC National Diploma in Computer Studies at college prior to my degree at University of Leeds. I gained my initial experience at a small software company before joining Airedale as a Junior Developer in late 2010. Over the next few years, I took on more responsibilities, leading to a promotion to Senior Developer.

What is your favourite Airedale product and why?
I’d say my favourite Airedale product is the TurboChill for its energy efficiency and option of low GWP refrigerant. I’ve always liked the big chillers, it’s great to watch them being loaded up for delivery and think about the time, effort and skill that have gone in to making them.

What is your most valued achievement to date ? (Professionally or personally)
I’d say creating our main in-house application. It started out initially supporting our Sales department and is now in use with several other departments. It’s rewarding to see something that I’ve written become central to the business and to see the value it brings.

Do you have any particular hobbies or interests that you are passionate about?
My main hobbies are indoor climbing (to try to stay in shape) and learning the Japanese language (for the last few years, I’ve been studying it part-time at Leeds Beckett University). I could probably add watching Anime with some of the other students I know, but we’d all probably classify that as “listening practice”.

What is your favourite country visited and why?
It’s a country that’s always fascinated me for its mix of traditionalism and modernity. The food is incredible, the people are polite and there is a real sense of history in many of the places. Once you leave the big cities, the countryside is spectacular (although I did once get mobbed by the deer in Miyajima…).

If you could take one inanimate object onto a desert island with you, what would it be and why?
A gazebo. I’m quite pale so I’d probably burn to a crisp if I were in the sun too long.

What is the music track of your life, and what does it make you think of when you hear it?
It’s difficult to pick a single one as my taste in music is pretty eclectic. One song which I do really enjoy is Cantaloupe Island by Herbie Hancock, I find it relaxing.

To connect with, you can do so via his LinkedIn page here, or by sending an email to

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