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Employee Profile - John Booth ( Project Engineer)

Employee Profile - John Booth ( Project Engineer)

Date: 31st October 2017  |   Posted by: Airedale Team  |   Posted in: Press release

Airedale Air Conditioning, Leeds, UK, 31/10/2017

We asked Airedale's Leeds-based Project Engineer, John Booth a few questions to get to know more about him and his role.

Please introduce yourself:

I’m John Booth, 24, currently living in Sheffield and commuting to Leeds daily.

What is your role at Airedale, and what excites you about it?

I’m a Project Engineer. After graduating from university I realised I have a passion for engineering design and I have always had a good mathematical background, so I really enjoy designing bespoke units and recalculating performance data based on conditions that are outside the standard range.

I like my day-to-day role as it is so varied. One day I could be designing a unit and the next I could be manipulating data, or speaking to suppliers, or on-site to see one of the units I designed being commissioned.

Do you have a particular area of specialisation within your chosen field?
I have worked within numerous manufacturing environments in the past and I have always enjoyed using CAD software. The design aspect of my role is the main skill I have transferred to Airedale.

In addition to this I managed to expand on my thermofluids and refrigeration knowledge through training. Thanks to the training services here I now know my way around a variety of aspects relating to air conditioning units. I have gained knowledge in Refrigeration, Controls, Electrical Engineering, Sound and even managed to complete my F-Gas course.

Why did you choose a career in Engineering?
I chose a career in Engineering because from an early age I had a keen interest in Maths and Science based subjects. I loved to solve problems and that passion hasn’t faded. Throughout my schooling I chose subjects that reflected my interests including Electronic Products and Graphic Products at school and Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Physics at college.

The next logical step was university and being the first member in my family to go, the prospect was exciting. I completed numerous work experiences at BAE Systems, LUK and a company that produces cladding for large boilers both before and during university, and these have all helped me to decide that Engineering is definitely the career for me.

What did you study at university/ college and how has your previous experience lead you to your current role?
I attained 1st Class with Honours in my Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Sheffield Hallam University. A lot of the skills I learned at university and on my work placement were transferable. Such as all of the modules on CAD and thermofluids, in addition to CFD and my Masters year group project called Formula Student.

Formula Student comprised of a large team of students that me and my coursemates had to manage. The end result was to have a fully functional race car that we raced at Silverstone. Airedale was enticing for me because of the friendly and welcoming environment I felt when I attended my interview and the calibre of the company itself.

What is your favourite Airedale product and why?
My favourite Airedale product is the DeltaChill as it covers a huge range of capacities and can operate in both low and high temperature applications. It’s also one of the easiest to fit more complex designs into such as larger inverter driven pumps, glycol loops and heat recovery. The chiller can be relatively small such as a 4-fan unit up to much larger chillers such as 22-fan.

What is your most valued achievement to date ?
My most valued achievement to date is probably graduating from university with a 1st class Masters degree. However, achieving the highest placed finish to date for the University’s Formula Student team comes in a close second.

Do you have any particular hobbies or interests that you are passionate about?
My main hobbies are football, skiing, playing my guitar and learning Spanish. However I enjoy most ball sports including tennis and squash. Other favourite past times of mine include going to the cinema and listening to music.

What is your favourite country visited and why?
My favourite country that I have visited is Jamaica. The whole lifestyle is brilliant, they aren’t in a rush to get anywhere and although a lot of the natives don’t have very much they are always happy and couldn’t be of more help. The weather is also amazing and the atmosphere is so relaxing.

If you could take one inanimate object onto a desert island with you, what would it be and why?
I would take my guitar as music is a big part of my life due to travelling over an hour to work and back every day. It can cheer you up when you are down and passes a lot of time with gentle distraction. I couldn’t charge an iPod so I would make my own music with my guitar.

What is the music track of your life, and what does it make you think of when you hear it?
My music taste is too varied to be able to pick one song. However my favourite tracks include: From the Ritz to the Rubble by Arctic Monkeys, Crawling by Linkin Park, Redemption Song by Bob Marley, Someday by the Strokes, and From Yesterday by Thirty Seconds to Mars.

To connect with John, you can do so via his LinkedIn page here, or by sending an email to

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