News Press Release

Full scale production commences at Airedale chiller plant in Rockbridge, Virginia.

AiredaleTM, the critical cooling specialists, is proud to announce that full scale production has commenced at our US chiller plant in Rockbridge, Virginia.

Airedale is the data center cooling arm of US headquartered Modine, a diversified global leader in thermal management technology and solutions. Headquartered in Leeds, UK and with facilities in Consett (UK), Guadalajara (Spain), Dubai (UAE), Rockbridge (US) and Grenada (US), Airedale is a global leader in providing energy and water efficient cooling solutions for a data center market expanding to meet the demands of a planet increasingly reliant on data.

The plant in Rockbridge has started production of OptiChillTM chillers, which have been engineered specifically for the data center market and designed by Airedale’s DCS engineering team at the global center of excellence in Leeds, UK.

Teams from Leeds have travelled back and forth between the UK and US over the past few months in order to support the US plant in building and testing prototypes for the OptiChill range. Following the success completion of this, a full production run has now begun.

The OptiChill units each provide over 1MW of cooling and have been specially engineered for the demanding and expanding data center market, where equipment is put through its paces providing critical cooling for servers holding data that supports our digital lifestyles.

The chillers have been designed with:

  • Enhanced economizers to provide unmatched free cooling potential, even in high ambient regions.
  • Glycol containment, ensuring 100% chilled water supply to the data center, increasing efficiency of heat exchange.
  • On-board variable speed pump, ensuring supply is perfectly matched to load while maintaining water-side TD and saving on external plant requirements.
  • On-board active harmonic filtration, ensuring a clean power supply to the data center, while saving on external plant requirements.
  • High capacity twin screw compressors offer reliability and flexibility, with staged capacity control.
  • High water temperatures to suit modern data center designs that prioritize sustainability.
  • Robust construction with acoustic insulation features, that can perform in a wide range of climates / settings.
  • Enhanced controls including fast start, load limiting and intelligent management of compressors, refrigerant and pumps.

Airedale’s Rockbridge facility is ideally located to serve the US data center market, with Virginia being the largest data center market in the world. Northern Virginia is home to more than 20% (100) of all known hyperscale data centers worldwide. Chillers produced here will be supplemented with SmartCool ONETM CRAHs and AireWallTM fan walls, offering complete cooling solutions for colocation and hyperscale data center operators.