Quality and Innovation

Our product development is driven by an ethos of constant innovation, and our manufacturing expertise sets air conditioning industry standards.

Research & Development

“Our aim is to be visionary and never stand still in our three core development pillars of leading-edge technology, energy efficiency, and the environment.”

We keep a close eye on the market and aim to always be one step ahead. Our ethos of quality and innovation means that we heavily re-invest into Research and Development, and this means that we are always moving forwards.


We are pioneers in the industry, thanks to our expert R&D team who are committed to developing cutting-edge cooling systems with a real focus on continuous improvement. Our belief that we have a responsibility to our planet drives us to deliver products that maximize efficiency, and minimize environmental impact. As technologies improve, so do our cooling systems.

Strong design leads to quality products: We believe that quality is design-led, and this is why we choose to invest so much into R&D. Our skilled engineers select the latest and best components from global leaders in their fields, so that we are able to keep innovating and stay on the front line of challenges such as energy efficiency and system optimization. With our versatile offering, we can solve most cooling challenges.

Next generation AC technology

Airedale strives to deliver flexible, quality products and services that are stringently tested to air conditioning industry standards, innovatively designed and engineered by professionals.

From our UK center of excellence for air conditioning and research, over 250 specialist engineers ensure that each and every product is designed to challenge and advance previous generation technology.

Design is critical to everything we do; our engineers develop products that continuously reduce environmental impact. This is a culture that is embedded in all of our processes and air conditioning systems: ‘Green’ issues such as carbon reduction technology and leak detection now play a major role in all Airedale research and development programmes.

Technology is at the heart of every product we produce. We use next generation design and manufacturing techniques to drive quality and flexibility. Efficient lean production techniques remove wastage and continually improve the products and services we launch.
Quality and innovation is prioritised during all stages of design, production and aftersales support ensuring system performance is guaranteed. By combining the use of industry best practice and a forward-thinking approach, we are able to offer more flexible cooling solutions to customers.

Continuous improvement

Continuous Improvement projects shape the future success of our quality and efficiency strategy. Airedale staff are trained and practice the following continuous improvement techniques:

• Six Sigma
• Value Stream Mapping
• Lean Manufacturing
• Root cause problem solving

We aim to involve all employees in one or more of the continuous improvement activities. Everyone has the opportunity to make decisions that affect their work, money, training, education, and development. Quality, innovation and continuous improvement strategies are employed in all business areas by everyone.
Airedale employees are encouraged to contribute to the decision making progress and as such are informed about company goals, objectives and activities. Everyone is encouraged to take responsibility for their actions, both to produce a good quality air conditioning product today and improve our products and services for tomorrow.



Airedale International are trusted globally in some of the world’s most demanding HVAC applications, delivering thermal management to iconic projects.



Airedale has invested in a multi-million pound 1,323m² purpose-built facility that sets the standard as one of the most advanced air conditioning product testing centers of its kind, and one of the biggest in Europe.



As the leading UK air conditioning manufacturer, we love what we do, and we work hard to be the best.