Heat Pump Chillers

There are many benefits of installing a heat pump chiller, including financial, safety and sustainability / environment. By using renewable sources of energy, such as outside air, to heat and cool spaces, less electricity is consumed than in traditional HVAC systems and therefore carbon emissions are lower. In addition, heat pumps supply more heating and cooling capacity than the amount of electricity used to run them. Therefore improved efficiency leads to further lowering the carbon footprint, which benefits economies and societies.

Financially, heat pumps are generally cheaper to run than other systems based on combustion, as fossil fuels are replaced with renewable energy. Heat pumps are energy efficient and therefore lead to greater long term financial savings on energy.

Heat pumps are generally safer than combustion based systems. They often have a dual functionality as both a cooling and heating system. In addition they have a longer life span than other systems, making them a reliable heating and cooling source for work, rest and play.

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An energy efficient, R410A optimised compact air cooled chiller with heat pump.

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