DCS Team

For hyperscale / multi-site projects, Airedale are able to deploy our expert DCS Team, a skilled engineering group based in our global HQ in Leeds, UK, who work on advanced and bespoke data centre cooling product / system designs that you often won’t find in our normal product brochures.

Technical breakthroughs like Enhanced Free Cooling & Chilled Water System Optimiser started life as DCS bespoke engineered solutions, developed in collaboration with clients as cutting edge innovations to deliver first-mover advantage on significant projects.

The DCS Team was developed as part of our partnership strategy, where significant clients enjoy specific benefits through building long-term business relationships with Airedale. Start your journey with us today.

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Chiller Development


Development of bespoke chillers for manufacture:

  • Leeds, UK
  • Rockbridge, VA

CRAC, CRAH & Fan Wall Development

1MW unit

Development of bespoke air-side products for manufacture:

  • Consett, UK
  • Guadalajara, E
  • Grenada, MI

Controls Development


Development of standard product controls and electrical designs:

  • Consett, UK
  • Guadalajara, E
  • Grenada, MI
  • Leeds, UK
  • Rockbridge, VA

Research and Testing


Development and customer testing:

  • Guadalajara, E
  • Grenada, MI
  • Leeds, UK
  • Rockbridge, VA

– New tech research
– Applied research

Applications Engineering


– Applications engineering

– Custom engineering solutions

– System design



  • Up to 2MW cooling capacity
  • Scroll, screw or Turbocor compressor technology
  • 24-36 fan back-to-back options
  • Water cooled
  • Remote air cooled
  • Multiple hydronics options
  • Glycol containment
  • Custom controls options

CRACs & Fan Walls:

  • Up to 900kW cooling capacity
  • Multiple cooling configurations:
  • Chilled water
  • Chilled water with DX top-up
  • Water cooled DX with free cooling
  • Multiple control valve solutions
  • Optimised heat exchangers
  • Modular construction solutions

Modular DCs:

  • Containerised DC cooling
  • Packaged DX CRAC / telecoms units
  • Free cooling
  • Complete system solution:
  • Condensers
  • Dry coolers
  • Pumps
  • Hydronics kit


  • Bespoke solutions for specific site requirements
  • Breakdown / rebuild
  • Design for modular transportation
  • Central London helicopter lift project:
  • 8, 10 & 12 fan TurboChill chillers
  • Design for ease of lifting / reassembly
  • Sections configured to meet helicopter lifting mass constraints (3.2 tonnes) / 18 lifts

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