Data Centre Products

1MW unit


An evolution of the multi award-winning SmartCool™ precision cooling range, designed for global application in Colo / Hyperscale
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High efficiency precision cooling system trusted by some of the world’s most demanding organisations and facilities. Offers unrivalled kW/m2 cooling power in an intelligent, versatile package.

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SmartCool just got smarter. This inverter-driven iteration of the versatile Smartcool range offers exact control and superior efficiency.


10kW – 67kW

High performance in row IT cooling solution which provides industry-leading cooling for its footprint from 10kW – 67kW with an EER up to 108.03


200kW – 1830kW

Air cooled R134a / R1234ze high efficiency, high capacity chiller with Turbocor compressor


110kW – 1010kW

Energy efficient air cooled R410A scroll chiller offering free cool and wide span of cooling capacities

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Powerful cooling and intelligent control are combined in this low-energy fan wall system developed specifically for high-density data centre environments.


200kW – 1830kW

The ultimate high capacity, energy efficient, air-cooled chiller solution with enhanced free-cooling


110kW – 1010kW

DeltaChill DCS benefits from enhanced free cooling to maximise efficiencies in high temp settings.

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The OptiChill DCS is available as a 1.85MW unit and utilizes R134a refrigerant.


IQity™ is Airedale’s IoT-enabled technology framework, revolutionising how cooling is connected, controlled and automated at critical facilities.

Cloud Diagnostics

Airedale Cloud Diagnostics™ is a cloud-based monitoring and diagnostics platform developed for owners of mission critical HVAC plants.


ACIS can save you energy, keep your site operational, reduce unplanned maintenance and help you determine the root cause of electrical events.

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