SmartCool™ i-Drive

SmartCool™ i-Drive
5-83kW Precision Air Conditioner with Inverter Compressor

SmartCool™ i-drive is a highly versatile, inverter compressor-driven precision air conditioning unit, from the renowned SmartCool family of products.

Optimised for both hot and cold aisle containment
Inverter compressors for exact control, efficiency and performance
Precise supply air temperatures up to 26°C
A wide ambient envelope of -20°C to 50°C
Up to 21% more cooling kW/m² than similar leading competitor units

Optimised for both hot and cold aisle containment, the SmartCool™ system is ideally suited to data centre applications and low, medium and high density computer room cooling applications.

The incorporation of inverter compressors enables exact control, superior efficiency and performance. The SmartCool™ i-drive delivers precise supply air temperatures up to 26°C within a wide ambient envelope of -20°C to 50°C. It is a system prepared for every eventuality, responding to unexpected load variations to deliver market leading cooling density.

SmartCool’s market leading cooling density typically offers up to 21% more cooling kW/m² than similar leading competitor units.


Optimised for hot and cold aisle containment with return air temperatures up to 40°C

50-60Hz inverter compressors deliver up to 45% more cooling kW/m2 (compared to fixed speed compressors). They allow the unit to react to system load fluctuations and exactly match cooling load.

EC fans as standard, that respond seamlessly to load fluctuations and deliver excellent part-load efficiencies.

As well as high part load efficiencies and constant pressure control, the SmartCool™ i-drive system also allows for longer pipe runs for increased flexibility, allowing outdoor condensers to be situated up to 100 metres from any internal unit.

The SmartCool™ i-drive’s slab coil configuration delivers low fan power input and reduced airside pressure drop.

CW units within the range are exempt from Ecodesign, as are DX units when applied in process cooling applications (i.e. data centres). DX units within the range used in comfort cooling applications are non-Ecodesign compliant >12kW. Please refer to your Airedale account manager for full details

Cooling Capacity 5-83kW
EER Up to 6.54
Configuration Downflow
Models 11
Case Sizes 4
Operating ambient envelope -20°C to +50°C

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