The InRak™ is a high performance in-row cooling solution which precisely cools and conditions air in close proximity to the servers and provides industry-leading cooling for its footprint.

Advanced air flow management innovatively transmits cooled air horizontally across the front of the server racks
Available in DX
Up to 83% more cooling compared with conventional CRAC units


Units within the range are exempt from Ecodesign when applied in process cooling applications (i.e. data centres). Please refer to your Airedale account manager for full details

Advanced air flow management within the InRak™ innovatively transmits cooled air horizontally across the front of the server racks. This acts as a curtain, providing even cooling over the full height of the server rack whilst managing the aisle static pressure. Single circuit models of the InRak™ are available in DX or chilled water (CW) units and dual circuit in CW.

The compact, modular InRak™ is an ideal solution for:

  • Precise in rack cooling of medium density zones with 6kW – 10kW heat load per rack
  • Aisle containment pod; localised cooling or open aisle structure
  • Rooms with or without a floor void
  • Managing localised hot spots
  • Scalable IT environments


  • 15 – 53kW nominal cooling capacities
  • 17 – 100% variable capacity control
  • Can be integrated into a traditional hot or cold aisle system, but when applied with aisle containment, performance is significantly enhanced
  • Up to 83% more cooling/m² compared with conventional CRAC unit
  • Quiet, efficient scroll compressors
  • Efficient ‘A’ frame coil design for maximum heat exchanger area
  • Adaptable to your data centre’s particular requirement


  • n + 1 fan configuration for increased efficiency and uptime
  • Dual power supply / static transfer switch
  • Air filtration
  • Water detection and automatic isolation
  • Isolation solenoid valves
  • Efficiency

    • EC electrically commutated centrifugal fans for up to 66% energy saving p.a. compared with conventional CRAC unit
    • Designed and optimised for R410A
    • EC 20 – 120rps inverter compressor for exact capacity match and high part load efficiency


    • 4 models: 4 x single circuit DX
    • Compact design for 83% more cooling per m² compared with a conventional CRAC unit
    • Top connection for rooms without a floor void


    • Aisle pressure control managing pressure between hot and cold aisle
    • Automatic transfer switch
    • Hot swappable fans allowing fan assembly to be replaced while unit is running
Unit (-) Nominal cooling 1, 2 (kW)  Nominal power input 2(kW) EER (-) Part load EER 3 (-) Dimensions (H x W x D mm) Mass (kg)
Single Circuit Direct Expansion
400V / 3~ / 50Hz
LIR6042U-X123-0 36.0 11.98 3.00 5.80 1994 x 600 x 1344 395
LIR6042U-X130-0 37.0 12.16 3.04 5.82 1995 x 600 x 1344 395
LIR6042U-X240-0 50.6 17.34 2.92 4.97 1996 x 600 x 1344 442
LIR6042U-X250-0 53.3 17.17 3.10 5.24 1997 x 600 x 1344 442

1 Nominal cooling refers to the total gross cooling.
2 Nominal conditions are: DX 35°C/24% air on condition, 35°C ambient.
3 Part load EER’s are the operating EER when the required duty is fixed at 50% of the maximum duty of the unit
Performance data calculated in accordance with BSEN 14511-2011 and Eurovent 6/6

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