iChill Screw Chiller and Multi-Function Heat Pump

iChill Screw Chiller and Multi-Function Heat Pump


iChill™ is Airedale’s inverter screw compressor chiller and multifunction heat pump solution. It is part of our more sustainable range of cooling and heating solutions, offering efficient performance with low and lower GWP refrigerant options, with the option of partial heat recovery.

Available as cooling-only or multi-function heat pump
SEER up to 5.42
Optimised for R1234ze and R513a
Reduced sound levels
Flexible and scalable

Optimised for low GWP refrigerant R1234ze (GWP 7) and lower GWP refrigerant R513a (GWP 613), iChill delivers excellent efficiency, versatility and performance.

iChill is suitable for both comfort and process applications and is available as a cooling only chiller or multi-function heat pump, offering simultaneous heating and cooling operation.

These units offer reduced sound levels; at partial load the sound level of a unit with variable speed screw compressors is reduced by −5 dB(A) compared to units with fixed speed screw compressors.

Units operate with an in-built sequencer which allows for up to 6 units to be added to the master unit, delivering flexibility and scalability to our customers.

iChill delivers SEER of up to 5.42 on our most sustainable R1234ze range, and an EER of up to 3.18, with an SEER of up to 5.39 on our R513a range, and an EER of up to 3.32 making this a sensible, sustainable option.

Key Features

  • EC Fans – Up to 80% more efficient than AC fan equivalent
  • Inverter screw compressors for flexibility and efficiency
  • Optional inverter-controlled pump(s). Smart water flow control.
  • Various condenser coils solutions (Microchannel, RTPF, epoxy coatings, finned protection grills)
  • Energy Meter
  • Electronic expansion valves (EEVs) offering potential EER increase of up to 30%

Intelligent Controls
The inbuilt, pre-programmed controller offers:

  • Automatic compressor capacity adjustment to match heat load
  • Optimised compressor and fan power to minimise overall power consumption across the whole ambient year
  • Constant superheat via EEV control
  • Variable supply water temperature control. In comfort applications, the design setpoint increases at lower ambient temperatures to offset additional building heat loss
  • Variable flow – pump speed is managed to maintain Delta T and provide energy savings
  • In-built sequencer – All SpiraChill models come with an in-built sequencer, allowing for up to 7 SpiraChills to be connected without the need for additional equipment, delivering a scalable and cost effective controls solution
  • Compressor rotation for equal run hours

Enhanced Features:

  • Multiple acoustic configurations
  • Refrigerant leak detection
  • Integrated hydronic assembly, system tank, partial heat recovery
Chiller Capacity Max EER Max SEER Refrigerant Compressor Type Circuits
EXC High Efficiency R1234ze range with soundproofing 204 – 1056kW 3.18 5.42 R1234ze Screw compressor 1 – 2
EXC High Efficiency R513a range with soundproofing 294 – 1423kW 3.32 5.39 R513a Screw compressor 1 – 2
Multifunction R513a with soundproofing 523 – 990kW 3.11 5.18 R513a Screw compressor 2

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