Energy Efficiency

Too often energy efficiency is driven by commercial factors, but we believe that it should be driven by a genuine desire to improve the state of thermal solutions in order to provide a greener future for all.

Design for Efficiency

Sustainability is key to the preservation of our planet. As thermal management solution providers, if do not step up to our environmental responsibilities, then we all face an uncertain future.

Airedale have a long legacy of investing heavily in research & development. Energy efficiency is one of the three core pillars that make up our R&D ethos: We go as far as actively encouraging component manufacturers to offer solutions that will help to make a difference to the energy efficiency of our products.

As the demand for data increases, so the demand for data center cooling rises with it. As an industry, it is our responsibility to maximize energy efficiency and play our part in the fight against global warming.

Intelligent Design

Building these efficiencies into product design is one thing but intelligent system design can also help end-users maximise efficiencies and reduce running costs. For example, Airedale has been a pioneer of free cooling technology on its chiller products and introduced this energy-saving technology over 18 years ago (Ultima FreeCool). Most chillers at the time were supplying chilled water at 6/12°C whereas Airedale increased these to maximise free cooling and enhance energy efficiency.

Airedale also provide intelligent controls solutions that allow HVAC equipment to flex with their environment, creating optimized operating conditions that save energy whilst maintaining performance.


Total Cost of Ownership

The biggest challenge facing us however, as a company focused on end-user benefits like energy efficiency, is a market still obsessed with up-front capital expenditure. In order for the air conditioning industry to reach its true potential, we need end-users, consultants, and contractors to embrace the total cost of ownership discussion, and not just select the cheapest up-front solution. In order for companies like Airedale to continue investing heavily in pushing the envelope of air conditioning efficiencies, we must have a market that is receptive to the idea that an increase in up-front cost can deliver long term benefits, not just for accountants, but also for the planet.



Our focus on quality and innovation helps us to design for the future.



Core to our design and manufacturing process is the belief that intelligent cooling leads to greener data centers



A cutting-edge suite of software solutions that can optimize and automate HVAC systems for efficient operation.