OptiChill™ FreeCool

500TR / 1759kW

A low-energy, low-sound R513A air-cooled screw chiller with a large cooling capacity to meet the requirements of colocation/ hyperscale data centers.

Enhanced economizers deliver unmatched free-cooling potential

On-board variable-speed water / glycol pumps & harmonic filtration delivers phenomenal space / plant savings 

Advanced controls platform offers uptime protection and optimized efficiency

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OptiChill 3D Virtual Tour - High Capacity Chiller US Data Centers

Refrigeration System

  • High capacity twin screw compressors offer reliability and flexibility, with staged capacity control.
  • Low GWP R513A refrigerant.
  • 8 stages of cooling across two compressors for more precise capacity match.
  • Dual independent refrigeration circuits for resilience.
  • Efficient shell and tube evaporator with freeze protection offers high evaporating temperatures.
  • Economizers, each with dedicated EEV, to enhance compressor performance at full and part load operation.

Chilled Water System

  • Up to 95% free-cooling via enhanced economizer technology that increases free cooling envelope, even in high ambient regions.
  • Glycol containment system protects chiller while ensuring 100% chilled water delivery to the data center, increasing heat exchange efficiency.
  • Increased operational evaporating temperature range allowing supply water temperatures to be increased, thus raising the free cooling threshold and giving enhanced compressor efficiency and reduced power input.
  • Large surface area condenser coil with enhanced tube and fin for improved heat exchange and low noise.
  • On-board variable speed pump, ensuring supply is perfectly matched to load while maintaining water-side TD and saving on external plant requirements.


  • On-board active harmonic filtration, ensuring a clean power supply to the data center, while saving on external plant requirements.
  • Automatic rescheduling of chilled water.
  • Enhanced controls including fast start, load limiting and intelligent management of compressors, refrigerant and pumps.
  • Modem link for remote monitoring


  • Latest fan technology reduces sound and power input.
  • Robust construction with acoustic insulation features, that can perform in a wide range of climates / settings.
  • Corrosion-resistant condenser coils for aggressive atmospheres
  • Optional Coil guards to help prevent fin damage
Chiller Capacity Max EER Max ESEER Refrigerant Compressor Type Circuits
OptiChill Free Cool 1758.5kW 3.12 3.48 R513A Screw compressor Dual

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