TurboChill™ FreeCool 200kW – 1830kW

TurboChill FreeCool 200 – 1830kW

The TurboChill™ is a high performance turbo chiller using the low GWP refrigerant R1234ze.

Twice as much free-cooling as equivalent thermosiphon products
Near silent, oil-free compressor operation
Exact match for load requirements


  • TurboChill range available with R134a refrigerant and the new low GWP refrigerant R1234ze
  • R134a Single circuit 200 – 945kW (TCC), 200 – 1000kW (TCF) / Dual circuit 200 – 1775kW (TCC), 200 – 1830kW (TCF)
  • R1234ze Single circuit 200 – 640kW (TCC), 200 – 735kW (TCF) / Dual circuit 200 – 1260kW (TCC), 200 – 1430kW (TCF)
  • 236 models, 150 of which are dual circuit models
  • Free-cooling at up to 116% of nominal capacity for reduced operating costs and carbon footprint (TCF)
  • Centrifugal compressor technology offers near silent compressor operation
  • TT300, TT350 and TG310 fully modulating compressors
  • Oil-free operation enhances heat exchanger efficiency
  • Modular ‘V’ frame coil arrangement offers increased heat exchange area and improved air flow for increased efficiency
  • Low sound ranges: Regular Quiet (R) and Extra Quiet (X)
  • Polymer-coated microchannel coils for reduced life cycle costs and reduced footprint
  • Up to two compressors across a single circuit for reduced energy consumption at part load


  • Leak detection system for F Gas compliance (standard for R1234ze models)
  • Automatic refrigerant pump down in the event of a refrigerant leak, which together with leak detection, qualifies the TurboChill™ for one additional BREEAM point (standard for R1234ze models)
  • Corrosion-resistant condenser coils for corrosive atmospheres (option for FC models, standard otherwise)
  • Actuated suction ball valves (R134a models only)
  • Variable supply water temperature control to save power and raise the free-cooling threshold
  • Energy Manager is a compact, space saving analyser which enables monitoring of the TurboChill’s energy consumption locally and remotely via BMS connections

Chiller Capacity Max EER Max ESEER Refrigerant Compressor Type Circuits
TurboChill Free Cool 200-1830kW 4.35 6.23 R1234ze (TG310)R134a (TT300; TT350)


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