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Modine Confirms US Data Center Product Range Details

Modine (NYSE: MOD), the global leader in thermal management, is motoring ahead with the US expansion of its data center cooling brand,  AIREDALE by MODINETM, with the release of details of its full product range and readiness of more US production facilities, to meet the surge in demand from the booming data center industry in the US.

For the US market, Modine is expanding its existing offering of coils and coolers to computer room air handlers (CRAH) and chillers.  With successful UK and European installations with several, large US-based colocation companies, Modine’s AIREDALE by MODINETM  brand is well-placed to capitalize with these same customers in the US market with this enhanced offering.  Renowned for the efficiency, quality, and reliability of their products and their end-to-end solution-focused offerings, the  AIREDALE by MODINETM brand will include comprehensive and efficient precision cooling solutions to critical infrastructure organizations.

With manufacturing sites in Grenada (MS) and the recently-announced Rockbridge (VA) facility, Modine’s Airedale team have developed a US-made product range that focuses on high-capacity cooling with minimum energy input, tied together with next-generation controls.

Products under the AIREDALE by MODINETM  brand will include the SmartCool OneTM CRAH, a powerful and flexible chilled water precision cooling system with operating capacities up to a huge 1MW (284 Ton). For high-density environments with solid-floor architectures, Modine will offer the AireWallTM fan wall range, a low fan power solution delivering high efficiency cooling up to 400kW (114 Ton).

Both of these precision air handlers are designed to operate in tandem with the AIREDALE® free-cooling air-cooled chiller range, also available to Modine’s US clients. This range comprises TurboChillTM, with capacities between 200-1830 kW (57-520 Ton), based on energy efficient oil-free compressor technology, and utilizing both R134a refrigerant and low GWP R1234ze. Completing the chiller roster is the OptiChillTM range of R134a screw-based chillers, offering cooling capacities of 750-1365kW (213-388 Ton).

Completing the AIREDALE by MODINETM US portfolio is a range of dry coolers with capacities up to 1882kW (535 Ton). Robust in construction and offering unparalleled efficiency, AIREDALE by MODINETM dry coolers are already proven in data center facilities across the globe.

Every AIREDALE by MODINETM product is delivered with intelligent controls and backed up by Modine’s extensive support services, helping to take the heat off data center operators and facilities teams.

Data center cooling specialist Stuart Kay, who heads up sales and marketing efforts for the AIREDALE® brand in the US, comments:

“The Modine name is already known and trusted by some of the biggest names in IT. We want to build on that knowledge and experience to develop more products and solutions to support US global IT giants in standardizing cooling best practise across the world.”

Talking about his own experience, Stuart explained,

“Having worked in data center cooling for over 35 years, I have seen the best and the worst of what is out there. I am committed to the development of cooling solutions that answer the challenges data center operators face, of supporting the planet’s thirst for connectivity while reducing the industry’s impact on the environment. At Airedale by Modine, we will not compromise on efficiency, we will not compromise on quality, and we will not compromise on reliability. We build equipment that performs in the toughest settings”.