170-400kW Data Center Fan Wall

Powerful Cooling, Intelligent Control

AireWall™ is a new and innovative low energy cooling solution for mission-critical environments.

Low velocity air cooling in solid floor, high-density data center applications
Available in a 4, 6 or 8 fan configuration
Integrated intelligent controls enable dynamic cooling output variation
Designed to operate at low SFP to help achieve low installation PUE.
A high efficiency cooling solution

This range of computer room air handlers (CRAHs) has been specially designed for low velocity air cooling in solid floor, high-density data center applications with hot-aisle containment.

The units are available in a 4, 6 or 8 fan configuration and have been engineered to the highest design and build standards you would expect from an Airedale precision unit, with the simplicity and effectiveness of a fan wall.

AireWall comprises a filter, fan bank, damper section and an optimized high surface area chilled water coil. It also includes integrated intelligent controls that enable dynamic cooling output variation based on changing IT loads. It has also been designed to operate at low SFP to help achieve low installation PUE.

AireWall has been designed to operate in tandem with Airedale’s range of free cooling chillers, delivering a high efficiency cooling solution

Features and benefits

  • Ideal for application on solid floor data center installations with hot aisle containment
  • Delivers uniform cooling airflow to data center equipment
  • Highly adaptive to IT load conditions due to intelligent controls and variable speed fans
  • N+ design with smart controls guarantees 24/7 operation without loss of cooling capacity
  • Low specific fan power (SFP) which results in improved installation power usage effectiveness (PUE)
  • Compact sections to facilitate installation in constrained service corridors
  • Suitable for side by side installation for reduced footprint
  • No need to enter the whitespace for service due to upstream access to all components
  • Easy filter replacement from service corridor
  • Certified low pressure components resulting in low operational and ownership costs
  • Durable double skinned construction with painted finish guaranteeing safe and reliable operation for the lifetime of the product
  • Near silent fans with high efficiency
  • Chilled water cooling coils with drain tray and accessible headers with flanged connections for ease of installation and inspection
  • Breaking down into sections for refurbishment of old buildings available
  • Close control of temperature with averaging temp. sensor
  • Modular design
  • Split case design for minimal plant room envelope
  • Optional ATS
  • Controls fitted or remote (site dependant)
Chilled Water
Cooling Capacity 170-400kW
EER Up to 11.9*
Configuration Inline horizontal flow
Models 4,6,8 fan
Case Sizes 3

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