Airedale by Modine Achieves AHRI Certification®

We are thrilled to announce that our EasiCool range (EasiCool Evo² and EasiCool EZRE) have been awarded certification from AHRI, a leading authority in verifying the performance of heating, cooling, and refrigeration equipment worldwide.

AHRI Certification® is a crucial consideration for consumers investing in HVAC systems, as it signifies that the products have undergone rigorous independent testing to meet industry standards.

Notably, AHRI Certification not only ensures the quality of HVAC equipment but also promotes energy efficiency. By adhering to energy efficiency standards, manufacturers help consumers save on energy costs and minimise environmental impact.

For contractors and installers, installing AHRI-certified equipment instils confidence in providing customers with safe, reliable, and efficient solutions, enhancing trust and reputation.

Benefits for Manufacturers

  • Credibility: AHRI Certification underscores product quality, distinguishing manufacturers in a competitive market.
  • Compliance: Certification ensures adherence to regulatory standards, averting legal complications and maintaining a positive image.
  • Efficiency: Testing for efficiency fosters product improvement, yielding cost savings for both manufacturers and consumers.

Benefits for Consumers

  • Quality: AHRI Certification guarantees adherence to industry standards, assuring consumers of product reliability.
  • Energy Efficiency: Certified products offer energy savings, reducing utility bills and environmental impact.

For further information on which units are certified please check with your local sales rep.

About AHRI

AHRI Certified® is the trusted mark of performance for heating, air conditioning, water heating, and commercial refrigeration equipment. Products earning the mark are subject to rigorous, independent, annual evaluation to ensure that they perform according to the participant’s published claims. Certifying equipment and component performance allows consumers to compare products based on independently verified performance ratings. To find AHRI Certified products, go to