6-64kW Precision Air Conditioner

EasiCool™ is the little brother to Airedale’s SmartCool system, offering a cost effective, modular and efficient cooling solution for small-medium sized computer rooms, data centres, laboratories and clean rooms.

EasiCool™ is a quiet, efficient, indoor precision air conditioning unit that maintains a precisely controlled air conditioned environment within the smallest possible footprint (the EasiCool™ typically offers up to 8% more cooling per kW/m² than our previous generation system).

An excellent value, modular package that is easy to install, the EasiCool™ is ideal for edge or enterprise data centres and other critical applications where performance and reliability are essential and space is at a premium. Providing exceptional configuration flexibility, the EasiCool™ enables you to tailor unit selection to your specific application.


An extensive 374 models offer a choice of:

  • Upflow and Downflow configurations
  • 17 capacity steps
  • Three cooling types: Air cooled, water cooled or chilled water
  • Three power supplies: 400V/50Hz (-0); 380V/60Hz (-1) or 220V/60Hz (-2)
  • 6 case sizes
  • Full function (cooling, heating and dehumidification) or cooling only


  • Up to 37% increase in EER and 8% more cooling kW/m² – compared with previous generation units
  • 70% more energy saving with EC fans optional on every unit
  • Up to 62% less power input on average with hot gas re-heat option
  • Over 50% energy savings when an EasiCool™ is applied with an Airedale free-cooling chiller compared with a conventional chiller


  • 50 – 100% variable capacity control with suction throttle valve option
  • Six case sizes; each fit through a standard door frame
  • Downflow or upflow configurations
  • Quiet scroll compressors minimise sound

Operational Costs

  • Single circuit systems for quick, simple and low cost installation, minimising multiple pipe work connections
  • Optimised evaporator coils for maximum capacity ensuring low cost per kW
  • Easy access to components from the front of the unit and full 360° unit access via detachable access panels

Quality / Reliability

  • Painted aluminium exo-frame that is extremely rigid
  • High efficiency G4 (EU4) rated, pleated disposable filters give superior high performance with lower airside pressure drops
  • 30mm acoustic insulation on all panels minimises sound levels for quieter operation

CW units within the range are exempt from Ecodesign, as are DX units when applied in process cooling applications (i.e. data centres). DX units within the range used in comfort cooling applications are non-Ecodesign compliant >12kW. Please refer to your Airedale account manager for full details

Chilled Water DX Air Cooled DX Water Cooled
Cooling Capacity 6-64kW 6-64kW 6-64kW
EER Up to 39 Up to 4.2 Up to 4.2
Configuration Upflow / Downflow Upflow / Downflow Upflow / Downflow
Models 34 41 41
Case Sizes 6 6 6

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