Pioneering Edge Technology

In today’s digitally reliant world, small data centres are vital for meeting the demands of high connectivity, low latencies, and efficient data processing near the end-user. At Airedale, we recognise the critical role of cooling in the edge market, aligning our business to serve key sectors effectively. 

With over 30 years of experience in providing intelligent cooling solutions worldwide, including single computer rooms and hyperscale facilities, our Edge Business Unit offers a comprehensive product line-up, intelligent controls, and deep application expertise.

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Airedale’s cooling philosophy is built upon free cooling systems, with indoor and outdoor equipment matched and system parameters optimised to deliver uptime and redundancy at the lowest possible energy outlay.

Our expertise extends to supplying systems based on multiple smaller chilled water loops, where a single chiller pairs with 1-3 CRAC/CRAH units. As data centres scale, we seamlessly adapt to larger designs, resembling colocation data centres, using a single large chilled water loop. Our vast experience enables us to provide tailored products and control systems for optimal performance.

Key Features of Our Approach:

  • CW Setpoint Rescheduling for Efficiency Improvement: We intelligently reschedule chilled water setpoints to enhance overall system efficiency, optimising cooling resource allocation based on dynamic data centre demands.
  • Variable Flow Management for Maximised Free Cooling: Our variable flow management maximises free cooling opportunities when ambient conditions permit. This reduces energy consumption and minimises pump power requirements, enhancing energy efficiency.
  • Chiller Staging for Maximum Efficiency: Using sophisticated chiller staging techniques, we ensure chillers operate at their peak efficiency, resulting in significant energy savings without compromising cooling performance.


Edge technology is pivotal in the modern digital era, bringing data processing closer to the point of use, minimising latency, and enhancing connectivity. In a world where IoT, AI, machine learning and 5G technologies are ubiquitous, edge technology plays a crucial role in efficiency and responsiveness by placing smaller data centres closer to where data is produced or consumed.

Our extensive product portfolio includes data centre chillers, CRAHs/CRACs, fan walls, in-row coolers, and is complemented by our data centre software framework, IQity, ensuring uptime and sustainability at a product, system, and site level.


200 – 650kW

A revolutionary parametric data centre fan array range, designed in collaboration with data centre consultants, end users and contractors.


53kW – 103kW

Modular, low-GWP, free-cooling heat pump chiller range.

1MW unit


An evolution of the multi award-winning SmartCool™ precision cooling range, designed for global application in Colo / Hyperscale
cid168_Smartcool DCS 2014 Award Win Small_218x220


High efficiency precision cooling system trusted by some of the world’s most demanding organisations and facilities. Offers unrivalled kW/m2 cooling power in an intelligent, versatile package.

3975_IDrive-lead v2_218x220


SmartCool just got smarter. This inverter-driven iteration of the versatile Smartcool range offers exact control and superior efficiency.

optichill copy


The OptiChill DCS is available as a 1.85MW unit and utilizes R134a refrigerant.


110kW – 1010kW

DeltaChill DCS benefits from enhanced free cooling to maximise efficiencies in high temp settings.


10kW – 67kW

High performance in row IT cooling solution which provides industry-leading cooling for its footprint from 10kW – 67kW with an EER up to 108.03



Helix is a controls platform developed in house by a team of dedicated controls engineers. It represents the bonding of hardware, software and innovation provided as standard within every Airedale product.


IQity™ is Airedale’s IoT-enabled technology framework, revolutionising how cooling is connected, controlled and automated at critical facilities.


ACIS can save you energy, keep your site operational, reduce unplanned maintenance and help you determine the root cause of electrical events.


DCS chillers thumb


At Airedale, we are critical cooling specialists. Our products are engineered to perform in the toughest conditions, and all of our processes, not just manufacturing, are underpinned by the Airedale Quality Management System. We put the customer’s needs at the heart of everything we do.

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With nearly 50 years’ experience of IT cooling, we have a deep understanding of the data centre sector, which we call upon each time we embark on a project. Consult with us early to take advantage of this expertise and we’ll collaborate with you on the best cooling system design for your site.



Air conditioning manufacturers must play a responsible role in creating a sustainable future. Our solutions are designed to provide critical cooling at the lowest possible cost to the environment. This means a choice of lower GWP refrigerants and systems that deliver the required cooling output at the lowest possible energy input.


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