US School IAQ Products

Airedale US Schools IAQ delivers smart, flexible solutions from single classrooms to campus environments. Working in schools for nearly 50 years, we are a trusted leader in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) systems in educational institutions, and our legacy is your leverage. Our innovations, ideas and ingenuity will resolve your school air quality control and ventilation challenges today – and tomorrow.

IAQ Unit Ventilators

For new schools or retrofit heating, cooling, and ventilation, our vertical unit ventilators can bring continuous comfort to students and teachers in the classroom. Packages include a unit ventilator, a water/ground source heat pump unit, and a DX HVAC heat pump. These cooling and heating units are designed for greater efficiency, less noise, and quick installation, and we offer comprehensive service and maintenance plans depending on your facility’s needs.

ClassMate Cooling and Heat Pump

The newly designed, highly-efficient ClassMate® is the quietest single packaged product of its type on the market today – available in 24, 36, 48, and 60 Nominal MBH.

Airedale by Modine IAQ School Product Sentinel® Vertical Unit Ventilator

The Sentinel® unit ventilator is the perfect solution for schools that have to improve the indoor air quality of their classrooms.

Airedale by ModineIAQ School Product SchoolMate® Water/Ground Source Heat Pump

Combining the natural heat sink of the earth with Modine’s patented CF® coil, the SchoolMate water/ground source heat pump maximizes energy efficiency.

Airedale by Modine School IAQ Product Sentinel® High Humidity Unit Ventilator

The Sentinel High Humidity is designed to provide enhanced dehumidification capability in humid climates such as the Gulf Coast states.

Airedale by Modine IAQ School Product Varsity Horizontal Unit

Horizontal unit ventilators designed to blend in with the architectural integrity of your school, both inside and out.

Airedale by Modine School IAQ Product Ceiling Cassettes

Ductless mini-split ceiling cassettes are the perfect solution for today’s concerns for energy efficiency and comfort.

Make-Up Air Systems

Our complete line of Make-Up Air Systems gives you a broad range of options to meet your indoor and outdoor make-up air unit needs. Our duct furnaces can be ordered with several different options, so they fit your specific requirements. Several options are also available for the outdoor and indirect indoor make-up air unit. In addition, our indoor/outdoor direct-fired make-up air unit is an efficient way to supply tempered make-up air to your space. 

Airedale by Modine Direct-Fired Indoor/Outdoor Make-Up Air

Ideal for applications that require 100% outside air, our direct-fired unit provides maximum application flexibility and is available in two models. 

Airedale by Modine Indirect-Fired Indoor Power Vented Make-Up Air

The indoor power vented duct furnace with blower and cooler sections were designed for use with a building’s heating, ventilation, cooling, and make-up air systems. 

Airedale by Modine Indoor Separated Combustion Make-Up Air

Indirect-fired outdoor make-up air systems are designed and engineered to deliver superior performance in a variety of applications. 

Airedale by Modine Indoor Separated Combustion Make-Up Air

Indoor separated combustion duct furnace with blower and/or cooling sections was designed for use with a building’s heating, heating/ventilating/cooling, and make-up air systems. 



Needlepoint Bi-Polar Ionization Technology Kit (NPBI™) uses ions to clean air even more effectively alongside the filters to enhance IAQ with our innovative solutions.