Sentinel® High Humidity

Sentinel®  High Humidity Unit Ventilator

Providing cool, comfortable air can be an engineering challenge in climates where high humidity is present throughout the year. A single six row cooling coil may not be sufficient to provide the proper humidity control and maintain a comfortable room temperature in a classroom environment. The Sentinel High Humidity is designed to provide enhanced dehumidification capability in humid climates such as the Gulf Coast states.

  • With a dedicated outside air pretreatment coil, the High Humidity Sentinel can introduce dehumidified, comfortable air into classrooms and provide high-quality ventilation.
  • Dedicated outside air pretreatment coil to dehumidify outside air (up to 500 CFM)
  • Outdoor air fan to ensure the specified volume of outdoor air is introduced into the space
  • Precise Temperature and Humidity control
  • Dedicated outdoor air pretreatment coil for humid outside air
  • Comfort, adequate ventilation, and quiet operation
  • For freeze protection, a one-row hot water coil or electric heat is available
  • UL60335 Compliant
  • Designed, Engineered & Assembled in the USA
  • Available model sizes 30, 40, 50 and 60 nominal MBH
  • Five models: Chilled water, hot water, steam or a combination of both chilled and hot water (two-pipe and four-pipe configurations)
  • Energy Recovery Ventilation – preconditions outside air to reduce cooling/heating load on the unit, increasing efficiency
  • BACnet or LonWorks compatible controls with the Modine Controls System
  • Factory installed control valves and piping packages
  • Three-speed switch
  • Powered exhaust


  • Wall sleeve and rear extension for customized solutions
  • Discharge plenums
  • Duct shrouds
  • Outdoor louvers
  • Side trims