DCS Data Centre Chillers

Engineered for data centres

The Airedale DCS™ range comprises enhanced data centre chillers, specifically engineered to meet the demands of an always on industry laser focussed on sustainability.

With uptime and energy efficiency hard-wired into every facet of their design, the DCS chiller range has evolved from decades of worldwide data centre experience.

Specifically engineered by our DCS Team in Leeds UK, DCS data centre chillers work smarter, not harder, to deliver powerful performance, without being power hungry.

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Enhanced Free Cooling™

Free cooling is a key reason why chiller-based cooling systems continue to be the technology of choice for most large data centre operators.

Airedale have long been a pioneer of free cooling technologies and have again broken new ground with a new optimised free cooling method on data centre chillers, that can deliver up to 39% energy savings over standard methods.

In a world first, Airedale DCS engineers have re-engineered the V-block evaporator coil arrangement to increase airflow and heat exchange over and across the free cooling coil.

As data centres strive for sustainability, this advancement in free cooling technology places the DCS chiller range at the forefront of greener data centre cooling solutions.

Find out just how much enhanced free cooling can do for your operating costs with our calculator tool


200kW – 1830kW

The ultimate high capacity, energy efficient, air-cooled chiller solution with enhanced free-cooling


110kW – 1010kW

DeltaChill DCS benefits from enhanced free cooling to maximise efficiencies in high temp settings.



The OptiChill DCS is available as a 1.85MW unit and utilizes R134a refrigerant.