Ceiling Cassettes

Ductless Ceiling Cassettes

Airedale’s Ductless Mini-Split Ceiling Cassette is the perfect solution for today’s energy efficiency and comfort concerns. Quiet operation above suspended ceilings, the cassettes are ideal for classrooms, offices, laboratories, conference rooms, or any environment where space is at a premium and low noise is essential. Depending on the needs of the area, these units provide the flexibility of cooling, heating, or both. This versatility eliminates compromising architecture or design, and cost savings are often discovered during building updates; the existing piping and or wiring can be utilized for installation.

Modine Models SCW

Airedale by Modine CCW

  • Chilled water cooling, 6 model sizes: 8, 12, 18, 20, 33 and 36 nominal MBH
  • Zoned control flexibility, which greatly reduces energy costs
  • Noise levels so low that those in the room won’t know the unit is running
  • Units fit easily into new or existing buildings
  • Branch duct knock-outs built-in to connect to remote outlets
  • Fresh air knock-outs for ducted outside air connections
  • Built-in condensate pump to transport all moisture to local drain
  • UL60335 Compliant
  • Designed, Engineered & Assembled in the USA
  • Lightweight galvanized sheet steel with integral fan mounting rails for added strength
  • Internal fire resistant foam insulation for both thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Micro-processor controller with infrared transmitter enabling room conditions to be maintained at a user-defined set point
  • Hot water heating or electric heat can be provide by factory installed
  • Condensate pump and check valve are fitted to carry condensate water out of the unit and stop water from slowing back in to the condensate tray
  • Backward curved centrifugal fans are statically and dynamically balanced for quiet operation
  • Hot water coil freeze protection sensor – when the sensor detects a freeze up condition it will force the flow control valve open and prevent the fan from running
  • Disconnect switch allow the unit to be disconnected from the power supply prior to maintenance
  • Fresh air duct collars
  • Supply air duct collars
  • Valve packages for chilled water and hot water models
  • Mechanical and digital thermostats