Liquid Immersion Cooling

Liquid immersion cooling systems are growing in popularity among data centers and other large-scale operations.

Liquid immersion cooling systems use a non-conductive liquid to cool electronic equipment, like mineral oil or dielectric fluid. The liquid is usually stored in a tank or other containment system. The electronic equipment is then made immersion ready through TMGcore’s immersion-ready process and then submerged in the liquid, where it is cooled through heat exchange systems.


Our Edgebox range sets the industry’s standard for the most compact, high density, low Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) data center infrastructure, and are ideal immersion ready servers to solve every high-performance computing (HPC) technology problem.

TMGCore Edgebox

Edgebox 30

The EdgeBox 30 offers up to 30kw of two-phase liquid immersion cooled HPC in only 16 square feet.

  • Up to 30KW
  • 208 V power feed
  • 16 Sq Ft
  • Up to 2048 Core
TMGCore Edgebox 120M

Edgebox 120 M

With the EdgeBox 120 M you can deploy more than 12,000 cores in a space smaller than ever before.

  • Up to 120 kW
  • 208 V Power Feed
  • 5 sq. ft.
  • Up to 12,000+ Core
TMGCore Edgebox 4.5

Edgebox 4.5

The EdgeBox 4.5 gives you the power to put over 1,000 cores in just 17 square feet right at the edge.

  • Up to 4.5 kW
  • 208 V Power Feed
  • 17 sq. ft.
  • Up to 1024 Core


Powered by TMGcore, these single phase liquid immersion cooling mining tanks have been developed to produce the best results in hash rates, energy usage, equipment longevity, and renewability.

Artboard 1

Cryptocore Base

Features include

  • Proprietary Fluid Distribution Design
  • Integrated Heat Exchanger
  • Integrated Hose System
  • Integrated Pump
  • Adjustable Weir Wall (Patent Pending)
  • 28 Miner Handles
  • Adjustable Tank Legs (For Deployment Leveling)
Artboard 2

Cryptocore Standard

All of the Base features, plus

  • Integrated PDU
  • Main Breaker
  • System Health Status Lights
  • 28 Individual Miner Breakers
  • 28 Individual Networks Ports
  • 28 Individual Miner Power Inputs
  • Optional Arc Flash Optical Sensor
  • 28 Miner and Network Cables
  • Managed Network Switch
  • Integrated Hose System
Artboard 3

Cryptocore Premium

All of the Standard features, plus

  • Premium Skins and Lids
  • Integrated HMI
  • Proprietary Fluid Distribution Design