EasiCool Evo2

EasiCool Evo2
31-98kW Precision Air Conditioner

EasiCool Evo is a compact and flexible precision unit has been specifically designed to build on the global success of the EasiCool product family.

Precise control within the smallest possible footprint
Up to 57% more cooling power than previous models
An excellent value, modular package with simple installation

The EasiCool Evooffers improved efficiency, performance and IoT functionality.

With up to 57% more cooling power than previous models, yet still economic with its physical footprint, EasiCool Evo2 offers more cooling kw per m2, making it significantly more efficient and more attractive to small and medium sized data centres and computer rooms where space is at a premium and precision cooling is critical.

Features, options and benefits

  • Upflow and Downflow configurations
  • 4 case sizes
  • Dual-cool functionality, alongside the standard Chilled Water (CW) or Direct Expansion (DX) cooling options
  • An expanded operating envelope: Return air temperatures ranging from 18oC to 40oC and ambient temperatures of -20°C to +52°C
  • Improved filtration options (standard filters ISO-C-75 or upgrade option is ISO -1-60)
  • The latest IoT advancements to deliver faster start-up, improved diagnostic capabilities and better unit-to-unit networking.
  • 57% More Cooling Power than previous models
  • 70% more energy saving with EC fans optional on every unit
  • Cooling capacity of 31-98kW and an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) that is up to 25% higher than the previous ranges
  • Variable heater bank options
  • Hydrophilic epoxy coated RTPF indoor coil delivers longer life and high performance heat exchange
  • Large CW units utilise full width 6 row slab coil to maximise cooling performance
  • 400V / 50Hz or 380V / 60Hz power supplies

Additional Options:

  • Low Ambient Kit allows reduced ambients, down to -40°C
  • Floorstand and / or plenum
  • Condensate pump
  • RAOL 7035 (Light Grey) finish
  • pGDX display
  • Larger EC fans with improved ESP
  • Single or dual cooling circuits
Dual Cool Chilled Water DX
Cooling Capacity 30kW 38-98kW 31-80kW
EER Up to 14.3 Up to 26.9 Up to 3
Configuration Upflow / Downflow Upflow / Downflow Upflow / Downflow
Models 10 40 90
Case Sizes 1 4 4