Helix™ Unit Controls


Chiller Controls

Our chiller controls system is an intelligent control solution that has been designed to meet present day demands for the efficient operation of air-conditioning systems. The helix chiller controls platform can manage stand-alone chillers or multiple units via a sequence controller. It is designed to optimize the operation of chiller systems by maximising efficiency and reducing downtime.

The pre-programmed controller contains a range of control parameters that can be individually modified, enabling a unit to be specifically configured to suit customer requirements:

• Dynamic cooling demand adjustment
• Compressor rotation
• Constant superheat via EEV control
• Head pressure control utilises dynamic set point adjustment to select optimised operating condition
• Variable supply control raises set point in colder weather to reduce power consumption
• Intelligent/dynamic crank case heater control helps reduce power consumption in standby
• Intelligent auxiliary heating
• Intelligent refrigerant management shuts down the unit in the event of a leak and activates the ventilation fan

We also offer precision air conditioning controls which are designed for critical applications where exact control of temperature and humidity is vital. Ideal for resilient low, medium and high density data centre cooling to maximise uptime and optimise efficiency.

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