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Spotlight On - Aug 2017

Spotlight On - Aug 2017

Date: 25th September 2017  |   Posted by: Airedale Team  |   Posted in: Newsletter

The Ecodesign Directive (ED) is coming.

Ecodesign is an initiative which will be enforced by 1 January 2018. It is designed to provide consistent EU wide rules to improve the environmental performance of products, setting out minimum mandatory requirements for the energy efficiency of those products.

As a British manufacturer, we are committed to the environment and providing best-in-class cooling systems. Regardless of the UK leaving the EU, the Ecodesign Directive will affect you.

This email is your 'ecodesign guide'. The content below looks at how it affects you? What do you need to consider when specifying forthcoming HVAC systems? And how Airedale will proactively help you to comply?

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